Liquor is Quicker...At Making You Sicker

I am sure you’ve heard the saying “Beer then liquor, never been sicker. Liquor then beer, have no fear.” But have you ever put that slogan to the test? I did one night in my youth, not realizing the consequences of my actions but I did come away with some »»Read Full Post

Remembrances of Dave Fleetwood

You know, life moves fast and sometimes we don't get around to doing things we wanted to do. One of those things, for me, was putting up a particular post on this blog last August. I had wanted to put up this post because August 5, 2014, marked the 1-year »»Read Full Post

“stuff ‘round the mill” All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them. Earvin Magic Johnson There was an Award Ceremony for four talented runners after the Hot Chocolate Run at Ready Set Run last evening. A whole bunch of really wonderful people »»Read Full Post

Including A Remembrance in Your Wedding

Because a wedding is such an important milestone in life, acknowledging the death of a parent or someone close to you is worth your consideration. Anyone who has experienced a profound loss is thinking of that loved one on their wedding day, wishing they could be with them. Life is »»Read Full Post

The naked truth about aging

In a weird way, the tsk-tsking over a pair of high-fashion ad campaigns featuring Joni Mitchell and Joan Didion reminds me of the flap over a pregnant Demi Moore posing naked for Vanity Fair in 1991. I remember talking about the Moore cover at the time with a colleague who »»Read Full Post

Build Some Muscle to Lose Weight

  Build Some Muscle to Lose Weight     As we age many of us begin to gain weight. As adults, if we do not do strength training exercises, we lose muscle mass. Muscle is very dense and takes up less room than fat. Muscle requires fuel, fuel as in calories. »»Read Full Post

Tourism bureau’s ad campaign in full swing

Commercials airing from four of PMVB’s 10 partners Pocono Mountain Visitor Bureau winter advertising campaign, began running in December within the metropolitan areas of New York City and Philadelphia, as well as along their major arteries and the New Jersey Transit system. The campaign features static billboards and interior rail »»Read Full Post

Hunters Sharing the Harvest an easy call

On the opening day of the season I was able to harvest a doe. And then comes the hard part, deciding what to make with the venison. Jerky? Backstraps? Hamburger? Bologna? The list can be endless. This year I took my deer to Nello's, a meat market off the Belfast »»Read Full Post

Vanilla Spearmint Sparkling Snowflake Macarons

This spearmint/vanilla combo is a great idea for your holiday dessert table or to make as gifts.  I Happen to love spearmint flavor and dumped poor peppermint for sexy spearmint years ago. It's become one of my favorite flavors so it was only a matter of time before it made »»Read Full Post