stuff ‘round the mill “Make each day your masterpiece.” ~John Wooden Two of our premiere charity 5K’s happen the same day, Saturday. I’m headed to Wineglass so I will miss both. Families First has a small community, but we are all family, atmosphere about it. It’s run on a very »»Read Full Post

Another reason to pick up a good book

My town is a great one for festivals, and there’s a new one in the offing this weekend. The first Milford Readers and Writers Festival will be held at the Milford Theater and other venues Sept. 30-Oct. 2, with three world-class authors—Gloria Steinem, John Berendt and M.K. Asante—as the headliners. »»Read Full Post

Hey Mr. hunter, You stink!

I read the magazines. I watch the TV shows. I hear the chatter from buddies who know more about hunting then I'll ever know. People can talk about hunting, how fast their bows are, how good their camo is, how they love their new treestands -- but one thing remains »»Read Full Post

Go out with a bang!

A good ending is important. Does anyone remember the finale of the renowned TV show, The Sopranos? There was a lot of disappointment and confusion. Endings are often what we remember the most. When a wedding ceremony concludes it is most often with a kiss. Sometimes couples even practice a »»Read Full Post