stuff ‘round the mill My definition of a SUPER BOWL: A VERY large bowl with HUGE scoops of both vanilla and chocolate ice cream with Hershey syrup ALL over the ice cream to the point of flowing over the edge of the bowl! HAVE A HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! FROM »»Read Full Post

Countdown to Downton's end

We’ve reached the halfway mark. Sunday’s episode signaled the midpoint of the final season of “Downton Abbey.” Just four more shows (including a “Christmas special”) and we will bid farewell forever to Lord and Lady Grantham, their family, friends and servants, as well as the fictional Yorkshire estate that gives »»Read Full Post

Local Century 21 agent gets national award

Caponigro gets honor from high customer satisfaction index Century 21 Real Estate LLC has recognized Kathleen Caponigro of Century 21 Unlimited Real Estate in Mountainhome with the Century 21 Quality Service Producer award. This national award is presented annually to those Century 21 affiliates who receive a minimum return rate »»Read Full Post

A Touch of German Tradition for Your Wedding

I really enjoy learning about different religious and cultural traditions, and regular readers of this column know that I often write about how to incorporate them into a wedding ceremony. Sometimes it’s just a little touch that makes the ceremony sing. Recently, working with a couple who had strong ties »»Read Full Post

1973: Advertisements, a glimpse of yesteryear

    Turn the pages of The Pocono Record back to page 6 of the Aug. 24, 1973, edition and you'll discover a full page of advertisements, promoting the local hotpots. Here's a look at some of the ads (click on ads to enlarge):   »»Read Full Post

What Can Hypnosis Do For You?

What Can Hypnosis Do For You? Whether you would like to give up smoking, lose weight, manage stress, improve your memory, or increase confidence, hypnosis could help you. Hypnosis is approved by the American Medical Association and is the fastest known method of reaching the subconscious, which governs over habits »»Read Full Post

Take aim at a coyote

Usually by this time we've seen the snow fly and 20-degree days have arrived. Not this year. If you are a hunter and have some time to, ah, kill, why not head to the woods for a little coyote hunting. It can be a lot of fun, and the action »»Read Full Post