The Bride Wore Black - Breaking with Tradition

I write often about reimagining traditions, and switching things up. There are almost no rules regarding weddings. What few rules there are, I’ll explain in a minute. But as to breaking the rules – here’s a great example: brides - you do know you don’t have to wear white, right? »»Read Full Post

Close isn't always good enough

As I walked out of the woods on Saturday, I felt like I had done everything I could. Yes, I wasn't pulling a whitetail behind me, but it wasn't for a lack of effort. I was close to releasing an arrow on a fine 8-point buck on a chilly 18-degree »»Read Full Post

FROM KIM: This Tuesday the 26th and Wednesday the 27th, please join Girls on the Run Pocono at Maritas Cantina this Tuesday and Wednesday for $1.00 tacos and $0.45 wings. Specials are from 5pm-10pm. 10% of all day dine in sales will be donated to our scholarship fund. We will »»Read Full Post