A Brief History of Weddings

As far as I can tell there is no country, culture, religion or tradition that does not celebrate marriage. In this column I’d like to explore the history of weddings, but I’ll confine it to our roots in Western civilization - I couldn’t possibly explore the entire planet, this topic »»Read Full Post

Bob Dylan: Bringing the Nobel back home

The first article I ever had published in a national magazine was a little essay about poetry in rock lyrics. I wrote it for a college course on magazine journalism and submitted it to a now-defunct publication called Music Journal, inspired by an English teacher who felt that Bob Dylan »»Read Full Post

Tough to keep emotions in check

Emotions get the best of us sometimes. It's hard to control anger or frustration in everyday situations, but in the woods the same holds true. On Tuesday morning, I had one of those days that will stick with me the entire year. It was one of the coldest mornings of »»Read Full Post

stuff ‘round the mill “Make each day your masterpiece.” ~John Wooden Two of our premiere charity 5K’s happen the same day, Saturday. I’m headed to Wineglass so I will miss both. Families First has a small community, but we are all family, atmosphere about it. It’s run on a very »»Read Full Post