The view from my porch I MUST say it again, I LOVE this weather! As I left the mill this morning I had the thought, “jeez I hope I never get this right!” If I ever got it right there may not be a reason to continue practicing! Dress warm, »»Read Full Post

Do you really need a wedding program or booklet?

About every year or so I tweak and repost this column. Why? Because almost everyone planning a wedding eventually comes to this question: should I have a ceremony program? As the big day approaches, I sometimes hear from ‘my’ couples, asking for the ‘order of service.’ I immediately know why. »»Read Full Post

Don't overlook deer's sense of hearing

We've all been busted in the deer woods at some time in our lives. There's nothing worse than having a deer snort at you. I did this year - 100 yards away straight downwind I heard the unmistakable sound of a deer alarming the forest that something wasn't right. Of »»Read Full Post