“stuff ‘round the mill” AMERICAN RIBBON DUE TO STROUDFEST PLEASE DON'T PARK IN THE MILL LOT SATURDAY. FROM BECCA FERNANDEZ: (Bill Carlton's daughter) Hi Rod. Do you know of anyone looking for a steam town number? With my dad's hamstring being hurt, I am going to bow out of this »»Read Full Post

Please Don't Say This to the Newly Engaged

Congratulations! That’s what we say when we hear the big news that someone is engaged to be married. It is the proper and right thing to say. It means we are acknowledging joy and wishing them happiness. Newly engaged couples get bombarded with questions. Let them have some time to »»Read Full Post

2015 season has arrived

Well, that title may not be 100 percent officially accurate, but it has arrived for some of us. As many of us know, the hunting season doesn't start at sunrise on whatever season-opener you hunt, it starts well in advance. In sports they call it the pregame. The game before »»Read Full Post

Businesses get advice on prepping for emergencies

Small Business Assn. offers disaster preparedness webinars Hurricane season is under way. Having a business continuity plan is essential to establishing a successful and resilient small business. The cost of creating a disaster preparedness plan with a recovery component is small compared to the financial losses that may occur if »»Read Full Post

5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Pilates

  5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Pilates Pilates is a system of exercises that is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture, and improve your mental awareness. Here are 5 reasons why you should start doing Pilates today. 1)      Improved Flexibility- The constant bending and twisting throughout the »»Read Full Post

The WDBJ Shootings and How They Hit Close to the Poconos

I am at home, sitting in front of my computer, weeping. I had seen a news alert about the shooting deaths of two news people from a Virginia TV station that occurred during a live broadcast. Like so many others, I turned to the web, and more specifically, Twitter, to »»Read Full Post

Too old for a kitten?

My friend up the block came home one night to find that someone had left a cardboard box containing a mama cat and four tiny kittens on her back porch. The person or persons had lined the box with a soft towel and placed it out of harm’s way, so »»Read Full Post

Old Beakleyville Baptist Church

Founded in early 1800s, the congregation of the Beakleyville Baptist Church first attended worship services in a barn. When land was donated, it became possible to build a church - a small white structure along today's Route 447 in East Stroudsburg. Hannah Barry Van Vliet, of East Stroudsburg pioneer stock, »»Read Full Post