Check this off your wedding to-do list You have found the person you want to spend your life with – this person loves and respects you and you are best friends and partners. Check. What could be more important? You decided to tie the knot because it will strengthen your »»Read Full Post

stuff ‘round the mill Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't. - Rikki Rogers Believe in yourself! Take time for yourself, train hard and consistently! You’re worth the effort! WEEKEND RESULTS: GIRLS ON THE RUN CELEBRATION – I »»Read Full Post

My little yellow reminder

Every time I go hunting I can't help but look. On the side of my backpack is my untouched tag. Multiple tags actually. Buck tag. Doe tag. Bear tag. All untouched and perfectly folded in my license holder. It's like an ugly zit that won't go away. In the early »»Read Full Post

Hooray for Hollywood

When my husband and I were courting, many moons ago, we used to go to the movies every Monday night without fail. The Cineplex nearest to where we lived offered some kind of Monday special that we took advantage of to see almost everything that came out, starting with “The »»Read Full Post