When the officiant is an after-thought

If you have a minister, priest, rabbi or other clergyperson is who a part of your life, and they are willing and able to officiate your wedding at your venue, then read no further. But for many couples today, finding the right person to perform their marriage ceremony is a »»Read Full Post

Alternativ Ivf Botemedel Mot Moderskap

Alternativ IVF botemedel mot moderskap Aggdonationegv Hur kan jag ta pa moderskap i handelse av att de ar jag kunde inte gora det ratt? Allt under tanken? Om jag verkligen kan kopa bar ett foster medan jag inte heller kan fa det att handa? Ar det mojligt att bara fa »»Read Full Post

The view from my porch. More later… FROM KARENA THEK 10/13 - Our 3rd Annual “Stomp Out Hunger” 5k Run and Fun Walk will be on SATURDAY OCTOBER 13TH! Yes a Saturday when grapes are on the vines! Plus October promises a bit warmer weather than our traditional November timeline! »»Read Full Post

An experiment with a positive reaction

We've all heard the saying, for every action there is a reaction. It's true for hunting tactics as well. Yes, sometimes we hope the reactions come sooner - we use grunt tubes and rattle horns in hopes of luring a buck to investigate. We use scents to attract deer, camo »»Read Full Post