Passport to Poconos - Keeping Our Roots

My friend Lisa showed me an old picture of five generations of women in her family gathered in Puerto Rico between the ages 4 months and 100 years old. Her daughter brought her baby from the States so her grandmother and great grandmother could see her. “How lucky you are,” »»Read Full Post

1977: Farmer pays off 51-year-old debt

"It's very likely the hospital saved my life." - Dawson Gillem Dawson Gillem, a honest West End Farmer, who paid a long-overdue bill to Pocono Hospital, made front-page news in 1977. The bill's origin can be traced to 1926, when "Daws" and his daughter were admitted to the hospital in »»Read Full Post

The sanctions are over

It's official. Shortly after another glowing report from former senator George Mitchell, the most crippling of the sanctions the NCAA unjustly levied on Penn State's football program in July 2012 are over. The NCAA also said it will not fight Pennsylvania to keep the $60 million fine in state anymore. »»Read Full Post

stuff 'round the mill

“stuff ‘round the mill” “Believe in the magic that's in you, its potential, what it can achieve. But most of all believe in yourself and create a world where dreams become reality.” - Charlene A. Wilson This could be titled how do you run your best race, or how a »»Read Full Post

The mind games

It's that time of year where a hunter's mind can play games. Where to hunt? Tree stand or ground blind? Are there any deer there? For me, it's an annual ritual. I'm constantly second-guessing the next day's plan. New spot? Old spot? I know I'm not alone in this battle. »»Read Full Post

Putting all the pieces together

There’s just so much Candy Crush Saga you can play. I gave up at level 425, and none of the other iPad games I tried afterward grabbed me for long. My old standby, Solitaire, seemed a drab second best. Very 20th century. Casting about for a new time waster, I »»Read Full Post

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga Today I had the opportunity to be the substitute instructor for a Cancer Survivor group’s “Gentle Yoga” class. Although I am not a certified Yoga instructor, I do incorporate some stretches and poses into my workouts. Because the class was titled “Gentle Yoga”, I pulled up a “Chair »»Read Full Post

Zen and the Art of Weddings

All the careful planning that goes into one big day – from choosing the best location, the tastiest food, the perfect clothing, beautiful flowers, the right music - the list goes on and on. How do you keep your cool? How do you stay calm? Where can you find your »»Read Full Post

Fall Rainbow Sherbet: Cranberry, Butternut Squash and Quince

While sitting on a train recently returning to the barrier island town where I grew up, my mind was wandering backwards. One random memory was the rainbow sherbet of my childhood and how incredible it tasted on those hot long lazy beach days. I remembered standing barefoot in a wet bathing suit, »»Read Full Post

'Adventure Quest' Creators Tease New Mobile Game

Artix Entertainment, the developers behind games such as 'Adventure Quest', 'Dragon Fable' and 'Adventure Quest Worlds' recently teased a new mobile game called 'Adventure Quest Dragons'. The new game will play similarly to 'Cookie Clicker', where the game will for the most part, play itself. The player will be able »»Read Full Post