Considering The Butterfly Release

In the middle of the winter, some couples may be dreaming of a summer wedding. One summer ritual is the butterfly release. The beauty, meaning and intent is wonderful. It is not however without controversy, so let’s take a closer look. Several couple’s I’ve worked with had a butterfly release »»Read Full Post

Hunters Sharing the Harvest an easy call

On the opening day of the season I was able to harvest a doe. And then comes the hard part, deciding what to make with the venison. Jerky? Backstraps? Hamburger? Bologna? The list can be endless. This year I took my deer to Nello's, a meat market off the Belfast »»Read Full Post

stuff 'round the mill

“stuff ‘round the mill” The more I run, the more I want to run, and the more I live a life conditioned and influenced and fashioned by my running. And the more I run, the more certain I am that I am heading for my real goal: to become the »»Read Full Post

Dylan: past, present and future

I never understood the attraction of the Great American Songbook, even when rockers like Linda Ronstadt and Rod Stewart were recording the old standards. Why sing torch songs and dusty show tunes when there was so much great new music to choose from? But I’m beginning to warm up to »»Read Full Post

Vanilla Spearmint Sparkling Snowflake Macarons

This spearmint/vanilla combo is a great idea for your holiday dessert table or to make as gifts.  I Happen to love spearmint flavor and dumped poor peppermint for sexy spearmint years ago. It's become one of my favorite flavors so it was only a matter of time before it made »»Read Full Post

Want a Stress Free Holiday Season? Try My Quick Meditation!

In just a few minutes you will be feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world! Let's begin: • Find a quiet place where you can completely relax. Allow yourself to sit or lie in a comfortable position. Tell yourself you will awaken refreshed after 10minutes. (5 minutes »»Read Full Post

Vigon again cracks 100 best places to work in Pa.

Smithfield Township manufacturer ranked for third time in four years Vigon International, Inc. has been ranked No. 51 of the 100 Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania for 2014. Vigon, based in Smithfield Township, has also won the award in 2011 and in 2013, ranking 59 and 36, respectively. The »»Read Full Post

Parking & walking in the Stroudsburgs

Nuggets of history • In 1895, John Springer of Stroudsburg tripped and fell on uneven sidewalk, which the "council so kindly laid down" for South Stroudsburg residents, according to The Daily Times, a local newspaper of the time. • The penalty in 1902 for spitting in a public place, which »»Read Full Post

What I've learned (so far) from living abroad

Well, I’ve reached that 1-year mark. One year of living in Germany, of living in another country, far away from the mores and laws of the United States. I thought that this would be an appropriate time to reflect on some things that living in Germany has taught me. The »»Read Full Post