Runner extraordinaire

Saturday morning as I cycled east over Veterans Memorial bridge I spotted Tom DeSchriver on the run coming off the Levee Loop onto the bridge. As I looked closer I could see he was on the phone but you certainly couldn’t have noticed it from his pace, he was movin’ »»Read Full Post

Ice cream maker from hell

It would be easy to blame the Russians, who are known for online shenanigans. But why, after all, would a Russian hacker use my credit card to send an ice cream maker to me at my home, and then try to send Cuisinart accessories for that machine to Montana? As »»Read Full Post

Summer surprises

It seems like every summer, something bad happens. At the very least, it's something unexpected. Something breaks. Something needs repaired. Something ... well, you get the drift. Last week I came home from a vacation and immediately headed to the woods. Excited to check two trail cameras, I get to »»Read Full Post

Media day gold

Penn State held its football media day on Monday, Aug. 5 and I came away with a small gold mine. Now, it wasn't quite I did years ago when I interviewed and wrote stories on about 10-to-15 players, but I was still able to put together five stories. Here there »»Read Full Post

Passport to Poconos - Second Chances

I heard someone scream my name as I was getting out of my car heading into the Pocono Medical Center. Then I saw a familiar face: Marialides. She is a warm, enthusiastic woman from Venezuela. There was a beautiful teenage girl with her. “This is my daughter, María” she said. »»Read Full Post

Norman Reedus Embraces Silent Hills

In a teaser released online by Konami, viewers were given a glimpse into the new world of Silent Hill which will be starring Norman Reedus, of The Walking Dead fame, as the lead character. The teaser trailer contains names such as Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro along with Konami and a »»Read Full Post


The ‘first look’ is a photo or series of photos capturing the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time (in her gown before the wedding). It can be amazing, wonderful, and heartfelt. It can also serve a useful purpose. And conversely it can be corny, phony, »»Read Full Post

Surviving the world as a vegetarian

The only real downfall about being a vegan or vegetarian is the amount of rude comments people make or the “advice” they give you NOT to do it. If you are considering going meat-free or completely cutting out all animal products; let me tell you, it is NOT the end »»Read Full Post

Tony Stewart and Coke Commercial, Not Pulled?

My husband and I checked out the summer blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy, on Sunday night. (The review is coming.) I was looking forward to the previews but before that there were the usual commercials. One commercial that caught our attention was a Coca-cola commercial that featured Tony Stewart with »»Read Full Post

1991: Book heaven

Book sale on Main Street When this photo was snapped, Regina Treanor of the Bronx, New York, a regular library patron, was browsing the offerings of the 1991 annual book sale at the Eastern Monroe Public Library. At the time, the library was housed in the venerable home at 913 »»Read Full Post