Sand Stories: Exploring a Modern Ritual

I find that I am often writing about ancient traditions, the deep roots of weddings, and the connections between culture, religions, and the way all this has evolved. But there are a few modern rituals as well, ones that not all that old at all. There is the wine box, »»Read Full Post

The view from my porch. Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride - Anthony Bourdain Happy news! Ralph Bender is going back to run Boston again! He qualified at our RFR by what seemed like a day or two (30 minutes!) CONGRADUALTIONS RALPH! THIS »»Read Full Post

Universe Cup Propagate Betting aid D-Day In the Squads

Its N day for the managers on the planet Cup clubs that never have announced their very own final group lists for you to FIFA. Certain have ended up published inside the final full week yet for some people that have injury uncertainties over essential players the main motto »»Read Full Post