Wedding Rules for the Digital Age

The unplugged wedding already has a lot of traction. Taking photos, videos and generally playing with your smart phone during a wedding ceremony is just plain rude. Bottom line – don’t let people take photos during the ceremony – leave it to the professionals or designated people. Not only can »»Read Full Post

stuff ‘round the mill True leaders don’t create followers…they create more leaders. J. Sakiya Sandifer Sunday (9:30) will be the first ED KRAWITZ MEMORIAL LAW DAY 5 MILE RACE & FUN WALK. That’s SPECIAL only because Ed Krawitz was VERY special! While I suppose it is a necessity if you »»Read Full Post

NUT-ritious Benefits of Nuts

NUT-ritious Benefits of Nuts If you’re looking for a quick and healthy snack, nuts are the perfect option. Nuts contain the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, and fiber plant sterols. For a bite size food, they contain a powerful nutritional punch. Nuts are known for their many »»Read Full Post

Chasing gobblers a sign of spring

Many of us start the day the same way, being awakened by a loud, annoying buzzer. For a turkey hunter, a 4 a.m. alarm is nothing new. But there is a silver lining – the chance of a very heart-pounding blast of a gobble isn’t far away. If you have »»Read Full Post

Am I unemployed…or retired?

I got back from vacation in Hawaii to learn I was losing my job. The company whose corporate technical magazine I had edited for the past eight years abruptly decided to stop publishing. The issue we had just put to bed would be the last. The job—which was part time »»Read Full Post

Kalahari enhances Poconos services

Names Levine director of sales department Kalahari Resorts and Conventions is expanding its Pocono Mountains leadership team with the addition of Michael G. Levine. In his role as director of sales, Levine will oversee the operations of the sales, catering and conference services departments at the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, Kalahari »»Read Full Post