The view from my porch There’s snow and more snow! It’s covering everything. And it’s dangerous to be out in it. But snow isn’t so tuff! You can push snow away. You can run right through snow if you care to. Sooner or later snow melts, turns to water, and »»Read Full Post

Every hunter has a story

Show me a successful deer hunter and I'll show you a person with a story. And with every successful hunt, the story is always different. Nov. 7 was like many other mornings this time of year - maybe a few degrees warmer than usual and a breeze that couldn't make »»Read Full Post

I do, do you? Three essential elements of a wedding ceremony.

It is commonly accepted practice (although it is not the law) that there are three elements a wedding ceremony should contain: The asking, the vows, and the pronouncement. Signing the marriage license another piece of the puzzle, of course, and truly the only legallyrequired part, at least in Pennsylvania, where I »»Read Full Post

Hello world

Welcome to wiki This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! »»Read Full Post

Alternativ Ivf Botemedel Mot Moderskap

Alternativ IVF botemedel mot moderskap Aggdonationegv Hur kan jag ta pa moderskap i handelse av att de ar jag kunde inte gora det ratt? Allt under tanken? Om jag verkligen kan kopa bar ett foster medan jag inte heller kan fa det att handa? Ar det mojligt att bara fa »»Read Full Post