The 'Adventure' of Love

The Power of Myth and the Meaning of Ceremony As I have noted many times, the variations of wedding ceremonies, regardless of time and place, share strong common threads. Joseph Campbell, known for his study of mythology, comparative religion and just his great understanding of life, is best known for »»Read Full Post

The view from my porch There is magic in running. I absolutely love to run until I’m so tired I can’t run any farther! I love to see how long it takes me to recover enough to run again! Following is an interview Lance Armstrong did with Ryan Hall. You »»Read Full Post

Don't overlook deer's sense of hearing

We've all been busted in the deer woods at some time in our lives. There's nothing worse than having a deer snort at you. I did this year - 100 yards away straight downwind I heard the unmistakable sound of a deer alarming the forest that something wasn't right. Of »»Read Full Post