How to Avoid Car Accidents

Driving a car is dangerous. Yes, modern cars these days come with an array of safety features. But there’s still a certain level of common sense needed to make sure you stay safe on the road. 

Besides, when you get into a car, you’re not just responsible for your own safety. You’re also responsible for the safety of your passengers and other road users as well. 

The great news is that there are a few simple things you can do to reduce the risk of automobile accidents massively.

  1. Be Aware of Blind Spots

Always scan the road you’re driving in for possible blind spots and other dangers. Additionally, make sure your mirrors are positioned correctly. This will help you maintain visibility especially when you’re changing lanes. 

Additionally, you may also want to avoid the blind spots of other drivers, especially large trucks. Every time you’re in someone else’s blind spot, they absolutely have no responsibility for your safety because they can’t see you. 

This can cause all types of car accident injuries.

  1. Inspect Your Car Regularly

A defective car can also increase the risk of accidents massively. 

For example, make sure your tires are balanced for tread wear and that your brakes and transmission are in good condition.

  1. Avoid Distractions 

It’s very important to be fully concentrated on the road when you’re behind the wheel. Remember you’re cruising on a road full of cars at probably very high speeds. 

Losing your attention even for a second could have massive consequences. So, keep your cell phone away. 

That text or social media notification can wait until you’re parked somewhere. Give the road your full attention and you’ll be safe.

  1. Don’t Ride in the Fast Lane

Speed thrills, but it also kills. This isn’t to say that you can’t go fast. But the faster you go, the harder it becomes to control your car. Any mishap could lead to a catastrophic accident. 

Besides, it’s easier to maneuver out of a potentially dangerous situation when you’re in the center or far right lane. To put this into perspective, the biggest percentage of road accidents actually occur in the fast lane.

You may also want to sharpen your skills when it comes to defensive driving. This simply helps you to maneuver through the road like a race car driver and avoid potential accidents.

  1. Minimize Driving at Night

It doesn’t matter whether you have good eyesight or not. The risk of accidents is higher at night than daytime. 

So, if you can help it, avoid driving at night. This is because your visibility massively reduces in the dark despite the fact that you have headlights. 

Additionally, there’s always a risk that you’ll encounter drunk drivers at night than during the day. All these factors put you in unnecessary danger. 

But if you have no choice but to drive in the dark, at least make sure your headlights are working fine and that you’re 100% alert at all times.

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How to Make Your Website Faster in China

There’s no denying the role of CDN and local hosting in website optimization, especially if you want to speed it up. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to factors that affect website performance. 

In fact, slow loading websites have been shown to negatively impact a business’ ability to attract leads and most importantly, to convert those leads. 

That’s why we’re sharing the following tips on how to boost website performance, particularly speed, in order to thrive on the Chinese market. Read on to find out more!

  1. Check Website Performance

The first and most important part of website optimization is its performance. That’s why you must monitor it regularly to ensure that it’s working effectively. 

It will play a huge role in boosting your website speed. 

Basically, keeping track of website speed and performance will enable you to determine what aspects of your website are affecting its speed. 

Thereafter, you can determine what the best resolutions are to those problems, but it all starts with first monitoring your website. 

  1. Try to Lower Your Page Size

Page size also plays a role in your website speed, and that ultimately affects your ability to start marketing in China. According to the “Computer Hope” website, page size incorporates everything within the web page, including media, scripts, style sheets, images, and HTML. 

Also, HTTP Archive statistics also show that the average web page is 3.45MB. This is one megabyte over the web page size in 2016 and this growth is due to the addition of larger content, such as fonts, JavaScripts, images, and videos. 

Although these elements are helpful at improving the customer experience, it slows the website’s loading time. 

  1. Fix Response Time

Once you figure out what’s lacking and working with your website’s performance, the next step is to measure server response times. This is the direct way of eliminating bottlenecks that are negatively affecting website speed. 

There are many different factors that might affect server performance, from memory starvation, libraries, slow database queries, and slow application logic.

This means that you must consider all of these different aspects as possible causes of your website’s speed issues. 

  1. Take Advantage of Browser Caching

Next, you need to consider browser caching. That’s because, with every webpage that’s loaded, a process of automatic downloading happens for all of your images, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files. 

It might take a while to load all of these different files which then affects the speed of the web page, thus leading to a slugging website. 

Browser caching enables you to fix this problem by downloading and storing all of these web files in the user’s local browser so that they don’t have to reload every time they visit the website. 

  1. Minify Resources

You can optimize your website’s pages by reducing the size of media such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. 

The minification process requires that you get rid of all unnecessary characters as well, and this includes unused code, code comments, and spaces without affecting the resource’s browser processing. 

The result is that your web pages will load faster and perform more efficiently. 

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Essential Packaging Supplies that Your Company Might Need

Many businesses involve shipping products to customers – if your business involves the same process, then you might already know how much effort you need to make to run these processes fast and correctly. Your goal is to offer the best services and make your customers satisfied. We all know how hard it is to make customers happy these days; yes, you need a great product, and you need great prices. It all comes down to how your products make a person feel. In essence, the fulfilment with your business, your services, and your products, will help you grow or break you. 

So, are you ready for that? The first response might be “no.” All businesses should focus on pleasing their customers, as clients are actively searching for those brands that provide the best services. Therefore, if you want to make your customers happy with your service and grow your business, you must pay attention to the shipping supplies you use when delivering your products. Check out these essential packaging supplies that any company must have.  

Find the right supplier

First of all, if you want to deliver your products in excellent condition, then you must find the right supplier. There are hundreds of shipping companies on the market specialized in manufacturing, so how do you find the right one? What are the most important characteristics a good supplier must possess? A lot, apparently. But an organized and experienced shipping supplier must take responsibility for quality issues, have excellent communication skills, have the desire to constant development, and follow your lead. Shipping supply Los Angeles offers specialized packing and packaging solutions, including wood crates, bubble wrap, foam rolls, custom packaging, and other suppliers, such as strapping, tape, and stretch boxes. 

Choose the right materials

If you want to deliver excellent customer service, you must be aware of the materials you are using when shipping boxes. Securing the package before it’s sent to the destination is extremely important. Do you know that 83% of customers are most attracted to the package of a product, rather than the product itself? Choosing the right materials for your shipping boxes might not only help deliver the products safely but make most of your customers a lot more satisfied. Using package tape is also important to make sure the box is sealed correctly. Also, prevent the products from breaking and use bubble wrap – it’ll keep them safe until they reach their destination. 

Custom packaging

Paying attention to every single detail that includes packaging is essential, and can help you be one step ahead of your competitors. A good way to stand out from the competition is by using branded shipping materials. As mentioned before, customers are truly impressed by packages; in fact, no one wants to receive a boring and bad-quality box that cannot show off your brand or the product it contains. Carefully designed packages are outstanding and induce the message of your brand. It’s just as important as the product itself, so don’t neglect the importance of a beautiful and qualitative package! 

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Black Friday: 5 Ways to Make the Most of It

Sales happen throughout the year and you may be wondering if shopping on Black Friday is really worthwhile. Not all Black Friday deals are necessarily good ones but savvy shoppers can find some great deals. 

Many items are discounted on Black Friday and it is certainly worth it if you can save some money. Here are some ways to make the most of Black Friday. 

1. Plan early

Don’t wait for Black Friday sales to start before thinking about what you want to buy. Make a list of what you’re hoping to buy on Black Friday and do some research to see what prices you would normally pay for these items. 

Then you will immediately be able to spot a great deal instead of thinking you’re making a saving when you could get the item for the same or even a better price another time. For example, savvy shoppers who make use of the Checkout Saver’s extension can save throughout the year. 

They can buy discount gift cards, get cashback and use coupons to save plenty of money on all their purchases. The point is that shoppers should always make sure they get the best price before they buy, even on Black Friday. 

2. Don’t only shop on Black Friday

Black Friday is technically the day after thanksgiving but it usually includes much more than just those 24 hours. Most sales tend to start the week of Black Friday and continue through the weekend and into Monday. 

Last year, Americans spent over $3 billion on Cyber Monday. This year, due to the ongoing pandemic, many retailers are planning more than just a day or two worth of deals. Sales are likely to begin in late October and continue throughout November. 

3. Plan what to buy and where to shop first

Knowing when stores have their biggest sales and comparing prices allows you to strategize what to buy and where to shop first. Certain items like budget laptops, small kitchen appliances, video games, pots and pans are often worth buying on Black Friday, while others may be better to buy at other times of the year. 

For example, seasonal discounts on clothing items are often significant. Shoppers who add Checkout Saver’s cashback extension can benefit all year round from cashback, discounted gift cards and coupons from thousands of retailers when doing their online shopping. 

4. You don’t have to shop in-store

Today most brick-and-mortar stores have websites and mobile apps that allow you to shop Black Friday deals from the comfort of your own home. If you’re put off by the crowds on Black Friday and the fact that we’re still in a pandemic, just keep your laptop or mobile phone handy and you can shop in the pre-dawn hours of Black Friday. 

Many retailers offer specials you can order online and pick up at a local store. Retailers are moving away from in-store only deals and this year, they are likely to do this even more due to the pandemic. Special “web only” specials are often available as early as Thanksgiving Day. 

5. Prioritize your shopping list

Prioritize your shopping list by order of importance. Get the most essential, expensive items first before browsing other items. Many stores offer special discounts that are time-specific so you don’t want to miss out by getting sidetracked. 

Some sites, for example, are deals retailers offer on certain products for a limited time period. If you miss out on them, you will probably end up spending money on items you had not planned to buy. 

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Unemployed? You Can Still Earn Money Trading

You can open a brokerage account when unemployed. However, it could be difficult to trade if you don’t have other income sources. A lot of uncertainty has plagued 2020 with Covid-19 resulting in many job losses globally.

There are no jobs available in most cases and those that are, have hordes of people after them. You can, however, consider trading in the stock market if you have money on the side.

Enough money to invest wisely

Don’t start investing money if you don’t have enough saved up. You could have a good nest egg, though, and even in these uncertain times, it could pay to invest wisely to earn while jobless. It would be a sound investment to read more on The Stork Dork to see how this is possible and the road to follow.

If you can put aside enough for three months’ worth of rent or mortgage, debt and living expenses and you still have spare, then think of investing carefully and wisely.

Highly rated corporate bonds

Further, top analysts advise that the unemployed can look to highly rated corporate bonds, bond mutual funds and bond exchange traded funds.

With corporate bonds, you can start with a modest $30 trading bonus for those who open their first trading account. This is granted by XM (who has over 1.5 million clients), who also allows you to test products and services without a deposit. You can trade over a 1 000 XM items on the XM MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Monthly dividends

Make money with trading in bond mutual funds, by interest on securities owned or selling bonds with profit to accrue. Bond Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) pay out a monthly dividend and capital gains on an annual dividend.

All the above considers that you have excess money to spare in investment. If stocks drop dramatically and there are losses, it won’t necessarily mean that you will become homeless!

Adverse effects?

While certain stocks can be in a stable environment for a lengthy period, there’s no guarantee that they could not become unstable due to adverse effects, especially in current market climatic conditions.

However, if trends have shown stability over a long period, you can probably place a safe bet. It’s best that you read up on as much market news as possible. Forget the trends of other years and concentrate on 2020 as this is an extraordinary year.

Forex a good fit

You can also consider the foreign exchange market. Foreign exchange, or forex, as the name implies, deals with foreign currency. Daily trading volume in forex is more than $5.1 trillion.

Forex is a global compound where currencies are pitted against each other. It is the trading of the various world currencies and hence is a hugely vital and voracious arena.

No common central marketplace

Currency trading happens electronically all over the world, rather than at a common central marketplace. This market is continually active. Forex is a huge trading arena with many branches, arms, and legs.

While you are jobless, think of stock market investment as a future career path. Get to know all the intricacies of trading. Consider going to night school if you land another job meanwhile and you see that job as merely a “filler.”

All in all, have enough money to cover at least three months’ rent or mortgage and debts. Take an online course and refer to good material to learn more about trading if you land another job. This could be your future career. Treat it as such.

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4 Common Home Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Out of all the things you will have to do when decorating your house, lighting seems like one of the easiest tasks. You just have to plug in the lamp, turn on the switch and that’s it, right? Your house is now bright, and you can see where you walk.

Well, what many people don’t seem to know is that poor lighting choice can cause your cozy home to feel unwelcoming and take a toll on your mood. If there is too much light, your house will feel like one huge conference room, very cold and impersonal. On the other hand, too little light will make the space look claustrophobic. 

To prevent any of these issues from happening, below are four mistakes to avoid when choosing the lighting for your home. 

You dismiss dimmer switches

An on/off lighting switch is practical for offices and stores, but if you want to consider yourself an interior design master, you need to make use of the best-kept secret of lighting design: dimmers. Dimmers can help you play with the ambience and set the vibe of the room according to your own mood or occasion.

Invest in good dimmers that have various lighting levels to have as much control as you can over the fixtures. Consider individual dimmers for each fixture to play with lightness and darkness better. 

You don’t take layers into consideration

Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing one large source of ceiling lighting in a room and calling it a day. While you do need a main source of lighting for each room, if you stick with just that, you risk making everything look as if you were in an expo or convention.

Besides overhead lighting, focus on adding task lights and accent lights as well, to add more depth and give yourself the freedom of choice. There is no need to turn on the main light if you are just sending an email on your computer, so consider a desk lamp to create a sense of calmness and intimacy. 

You don’t consider both form and function

Ok, we agree that lighting must be, above all, practical and functional. After all, what is the point in having beautiful fixtures that barely make enough light to not trip over the rug? When you pick out fixtures, you need to consider size, form, direction and purpose. Installing a huge pendant light to hang from the ceiling of a small room is going to make it look even more cramped, and the light will feel unnatural. 

Measure everything and ensuring you bring those numbers with you at the store will help make the right choice. As a rule of thumb, the sum of a room’s width and height in feet should be the same as the diameter of your pendant light in inches. So, for example, if you add the height and width and you get 30 feet, your chandelier should be 30 inches in diameter. 

You forget about energy consumption

It’s not a secret that lights consume energy, but oftentimes people seem to forget that. Even though traditional bulbs are much cheaper, they last for a very limited time, and they consume a lot of energy. Switching to LED bulbs may mean more initial costs, but you will be saving lots of money over time. 

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Understanding Different Garage Door Materials

You’re almost done with redoing the garage. You’ve had it cleaned and painted, and you even invited a Kansas City electrician to check the installations. Now all that’s left for you do to is figure out whether you want to keep the old garage door or get a new one.

If the door mechanism isn’t a reason to be concerned, then you have to figure out which garage door material you could use. The old one might have performed well, and you can be reluctant to change it. If you end up deciding to make the change, here are the most popular materials for your garage door.


There’s no other garage door material that can improve the curb appeal of your house like wood can. The oldest door material in the world is still very much popular, and it’s not just because of the luxurious look. Pound for pound it provides better insulation than steel, for example.

But as everyone who’s ever used wood as a material outside of their home knows, it also has its downsides. It needs to be properly maintained to prevent rotting and splitting. You’ll also need to refinish them regularly. And even though they are a good insulator, you’ll find better options on the market.

Wood Composite Doors

If you want garage doors that aren’t exactly made from wood as much as they’re made with it, you can always opt for wood composite doors. The customer whose major concern is how the door will look will be happy with them because higher-end composite doors look incredibly good.

Because they’re made from composite materials with the addition of wood fiber, you can expect wood composite doors to be very strong. They might be as tough as steel, but as inviting as real wood. And they won’t have the longevity issues or the maintenance needs of real wood.


Steel is a great material for garage doors, so much so that it’s probably the most widely used material. It has a great balance of features and price, it offers great value for money, it’s low maintenance and it can be painted and textured to resemble anything.

Even though it’s a poor insulator, you can always get steel doors that come with insulation. The major problem with steel doors, and the reason why people who have them end up calling garage door repair Kansas City, come from getting a steel door that’s too thin. A thin steel door is easy to dent, which is why you should pay attention to thickness when buying a steel garage door.

For a cheaper and lighter alternative, you can always use aluminum instead of steel. That won’t help with the denting issues, though. Quite the contrary.


Do you live in an area where salt-water corrosion is a looming threat? In that case, the best material for your garage door is neither wood nor steel – it’s fiberglass. This light material is highly resistant to salt-water erosion, making it a perfect choice for a seaside home.

The problem with fiberglass is in its poor insulation powers, as well as possible fading due to weather exposure. Still, if you live somewhere near the coast, it’s the best material to use. You can paint it, it can withstand denting better than thin steel, and it won’t deteriorate because of the salt.

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Chemical Sensitivities and The Many Environmental Illnesses We Contend With

Poor diet, environmental toxins and a lack of antioxidants in the diet can all affect us negatively outside and inside. 

Regardless of your family history with regards to illness, you can keep your toxic load under control and boost your immunity with optimal nutrition and avoid the many diseases of the 21st century. We look at ways pollution affects us. 

Environmental pollution

This is a serious problem and it is quite disheartening to know that by the time a baby is just six months old, it has already received some 30% of their total lifetime toxic load.

We just can’t escape it really as we are coming up against poisons from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, car exhaust fumes and industrial waste every single day. You just have to look around our towns and cities to see how they’ve become toxic dumps and our precious rivers, streams and oceans have become permeated with plastic and sewage. 

Somehow our poor bodies have to try and deal with these toxic loaded resources, but they don’t and our immune systems are simply becoming overloaded with just too many toxins. In fact, all of this toxic poisoning is a major factor in autoimmune disorders. 

Face masks limit our exposure to air pollution

People often assume that air pollution is an outdoor problem, but most of us spend more time indoors and here we are also exposed to air pollutants. Look at smoking as an example. Each time you smoke a cigarette, you are inhaling up to 4 000 different chemicals. As you exhale, those in your company inhale this too. 

It becomes imperative to wear a face mask. Organic cotton face masks from Optimally Organic are trendy and stylish in different colors and are affordable, washable, soft, comfortable and reversible. You won’t find any elastic tie-ons that force your ears forward. These masks have string ties that adjust to the different face sizes of children and adults. 

Exposure to air pollution can have negative impacts on the lungs and hearts and with the risk of premature death with the pandemic, these 100% organic face masks are a must. 

Mercury in fish and our teeth

Who would have thought that your tuna fish salad could be dangerous to your very health? Yes, well mercury, a potent neurotoxin, is actually found in fish like tuna. 

There are two main kinds of this canned tuna – chunk light and solid or chunk white (albacore). This albacore’s mercury levels are almost three times higher in temperate waters across the globe. 

This is concerning when you realize that Albacore is America’s highest-grade, white meat canned tuna. Also, there was a time when mercury amalgam dental fillings were the in-thing – those silver fillings in your teeth. Some people have even opted to have these fillings removed, more so if they have autoimmune diseases. 


Why are we seeing more asthma with children and adults? It’s an ailment characterized by increased respiratory distress with airway narrowing associated with inflammation. Shortness and wheezing are symptoms, and air pollution is partly to blame. 

Most cases of asthma have an allergic component, so eliminating offending allergens is most important in managing the disease. Many times, corticosteroid drugs are prescribed. 

Many parents, when they say ‘go outside and play’ to their kids, don’t realize that exposure to 21st-century air pollution is having a huge effect on their kid’s health. Reducing exposure, of course, is the most effective strategy, but sometimes this is easier said than done when you live in a large, polluted city. 

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How to Improve Your Reading Speed

The ability to quickly read large quantities of text appeals to many. It might be due to a desire to read more that would make people want to speed up their reading. It can also be a challenge, seeing how fast they can get at reading. Still, there are lots of misconceptions about the speed at which people read.

For one, it will depend on the type of task we want to achieve by reading. People who are trying to learn something will read more slowly than people who are simply trying to understand a text. Then, there’s the fact that we can’t speed up our reading indefinitely. There’s a boundary somewhere around 900 words per minute – three times as fast as reading for comprehension – where the eye simply can’t keep up with the desire to go faster.

But for anyone looking to bring their reading speed to a new level without having to go to a speed-reading course, here are a couple of tips.

Be Prepared to Read a Lot

Whatever techniques you apply to improve your reading speed, you can be certain that you’ll need to read a lot for them to sink in. For avid readers, this might not be a problem. For the people who are in it just to improve yet another ability to above-average levels, it might be well beyond what they’re used to reading in a day.

There’s no prescribed number of words you should read, but remember the principle – the more you practice, the quicker you’ll be. Just don’t forget that we’re generally taught literacy to achieve text comprehension, as that’s usually the reason we read. Don’t sacrifice speed for comprehension, at least not too much.

Reduce Subvocalization

There’s this thing that most of us do when reading when we “say” every word in our mind as we read them. This is called subvocalization and it might be an intrinsic part of the skill of reading – but it also might be the thing slowing you down.

You’ll never completely get rid of all manifestations of subvocalization, but you can try to reduce them. The usual technique is to start doing something else with that inner voice of yours when it starts reading words one by one. You can, for example, start humming. Or you can use it to count.

Start Reading Clusters of Words

Believe it or not, your eyes can focus on more than just one word at a time. They can go up to three or four, and if you learn how to make yours do this, it can significantly increase your reading speed. And yes, you’ll need to practice this a lot, too.

How do you do it? When reading, try to avoid the words that don’t supply any specific information, focusing instead on groups of important words. It’s different from looking for keywords like you do when skimming, but it is a process of selection and grouping.

Don’t Backtrack!

Finally, you should know that people have a natural tendency to, once in a while, go back and re-read what’s already covered. Whether you’re doing it to make sure you’ve understood everything, or you’re looking for a specific bit of information, it’ll slow you down the same.

Stay focused on what you’re reading at the moment and make sure your comprehension is at the level you need it to be. Good advice would be to use a finger to guide the eye while reading – it will help your eye stay focused on going forward, instead of moving back now and then. And remember — as with all other methods, practice makes perfect.

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How to Save Up on Car Insurance

Car insurance – the one expense you cannot do without if you want to own a car. Still, even though it’s usually mandatory and an unwelcome expense, it doesn’t have to burn too big of a hole in your wallet.

With a couple of tips and tricks, you can easily save up on your car insurance while still staying on the right side of the line. Here are some tips about car insurance for Pocono readers that will help safeguard the budget.

Shopping Around for the Best Deal

When someone says to you that you have to shop around before you commit to an insurance company for your career, they’re missing out on a whole wealth of information you should know.

For example, did you know that you should shop around for insurance before buying a car? The price of the car will affect the insurance premium, which is a good thing to know if you’re shopping around for cars as well as insurers.

Next, you should see whether a company that already offers insurance to you might have an offer. Sometimes, they’ll bundle coverage to give you a sweet deal. It might even be possible to get group insurance with the insurer who works with your employer, or an alumni group, or any other group where you belong.

Drive Less, Drive Safer, Keep a Good Credit Score

Auto insurance companies will give you discounts for all sorts of things. For example, if you drive less than an average number of miles every year, you might be eligible for a discount. In case your driving record is squeaky clean, you might be in for another discount.

The type of safety features your car has can also affect your premium. Some insurers are willing to give a discount to owners of cars with extensive safety features. You need to do some math there, to see whether you need those features and whether they can pay themselves off, but it’s something else you need to consider.

Never forget that auto insurers are in the business of selling their product to the people who need it the least. They’ll look through your credit score to see your financial status and might even offer you a discount if they like what they see. But always keep in mind the insurance company that’s offering the most discounts could be the company that’s charging the most in the first place.

Consider Increasing Your Deductible

This one’s a bit risky. If you choose to increase your deductible, you will end up paying more out of your pocket in case of an accident. However, the same decision could save you a lot in a collision or comprehensive coverage costs.

Playing around with the deductible is usually a serious business. You’ll want to set aside some of the money you saved to ensure that you can afford the increased deductible if something goes wrong. Be careful with this one and make sure the math checks out.

Vet the Insurance Company

It might not save you any money right out of the front, but make sure the insurer is solid in case something goes wrong. Ask around about their customer support. See if any of the people you know, and trust have had any experience with them. Don’t just sign because the savings look good – sign because you get the best possible coverage with the most respectable insurer at the most affordable price. That’s your goal.

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