‘Adventure Quest’ Creators Tease New Mobile Game

Artix Entertainment, the developers behind games such as ‘Adventure Quest‘, ‘Dragon Fable‘ and ‘Adventure Quest Worlds‘ recently teased a new mobile game called ‘Adventure Quest Dragons‘.

The new game will play similarly to ‘Cookie Clicker’, where the game will for the most part, play itself. The player will be able to obtain dragon eggs to hatch, with many dragons to collect in the end. The game plays out inside of the developers iconic Lore and will retain the well-known art style that Artix Entertainment has used since the inception of ‘Adventure Quest’. The developers of  ‘Cookie Clicker’ are also working with the development of ‘Adventure Quest Dragons‘.

We are beyond excited to be creating the Dragon art and stories for this upcoming idle game…There are 12 Dragons being designed for AdventureQuest Dragons. There will be new, original dragons like the Steampunk Dragon, Fairy Dragon, Slime Dragon, and Golden Xerxes themed Dragon.

-Artix Entertainment

‘Adventure Quest Dragons’ doesn’t have a definitive release date as of now but will release sometime in September of 2014, along with more information on the developers other games recently shown at ‘Dragon Con’. One can only hope that the new games will bring some attention to the developers.



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New Nintendo 3DS Coming Soon

Last night, during a Nintendo live stream event, a new 3DS model was confirmed.

The new model will come in two different sizes, the LL and regular. Both sport better 3D viewing angles and a second circle pad Nintendo is calling the ‘c-stick’.

The new 3DS will also have a Z button and buttons similar to the Wii U controller as well as switchable faceplates and an overall better system experience.

Nintendo also confirmed that the new system will have faster loading, and start games a bit quicker. The new 3DS is confirmed for Japan but no word has been given on a stateside release as of now. More information is to come.





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‘Flappy Bird’ Developer Releases New Game

Everyone remembers “Flappy Bird” the aggravatingly difficult mobile game where the player controlled a flapping bird through a maze of green pipes. It was a global phenomena of a game that frustrated some and was enjoyed by others but regardless, the creator  Dong Nguyen removed the game from all app stores. The removal spawned hundreds of remakes and clones of the game and yet the developer remained silent until now.

Dong Nguyen recently released a new game titled ‘Swing Copters’ on the iPhone app store where it was featured on the stores homepage. The game is entirely similar to ‘Flappy Bird’ though the player controls an orange blob with a helicopter hat through a vertical maze of green beams and swinging hammers (a la Super Mario Brothers).

The game has received mixed reviews, much like Nguyen’s previous app for being too similar to ‘Flappy Bird’ though it can be noted that the graphics are at least originally designed this time around. ‘Swing Copters’ can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android.


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Norman Reedus Embraces Silent Hills

In a teaser released online by Konami, viewers were given a glimpse into the new world of Silent Hill which will be starring Norman Reedus, of The Walking Dead fame, as the lead character. The teaser trailer contains names such as Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro along with Konami and a change to the normal Silent Hill name. Silent Hill is now formatted as Silent Hills.

Norman Reedus in Silent Hills

The teaser trailer was announced by Sony at the Gamescom conference on Tuesday in Germany. Any details behind the game are scarce but it is known that Reedus will be lending his voice acting and likeness to the new game.

Reedus is only the latest actor to lend his likeness to a video game, however ,as Kevin Spacey is playing a villain in the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This increase of known actors in video games could perhaps be a sign of coming changes to the newest generation of video games.


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Pokemon Origins: The History of Pokemon

With the imminent release of the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes for Nintendo 3DS, it seems fitting to go back in time to discover the origins of the beloved franchise. Pokemon began as an idealistic dream of Satoshi Tajiri. As a child, Satoshi was fond of catching and collecting insects and tadpoles in Tokyo, and as an adult Satoshi wanted children to be able feel the excitement of his childhood hobby as well. This very idea turned into one of the most top selling franchises in the world, as well as a beloved series of most gamers.

Pokemon wasn’t always so successful though, when the idea was first pitched to Nintendo by Satoshi, it was turned down. It wasn’t until Shigeru Miyamoto pitched the idea that Nintendo began to fund it. Despite Nintendo’s funding, however, the game nearly bankrupt Game Freak, Satoshi’s newly founded company. During the six years of Pokemon’s development, five employees quit and Tajiri worked many hours unpaid, and because of his diligence, Pokemon became a reality.

The first Pokemon games released had modest sales in Japan, but soon boomed due to a rumor of a secret Pokemon obtainable in the games. Soon after, another version was released and the game was localized in America where sales increased phenomenally.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

A Pokemon battle in Red Version

Pokemon Red and Blue, were released on September 28th, 1998 in North America. The games were quick to move sales and were profitable to both Nintendo and Game Freak.

The games were simple, borrowing many traditional RPG mechanics and shifting it to a monster collecting formula. This simple formula created one of the most addictive and popular games in the world.

Pokemon Gold/Silver

Battles in Gold and Silver

Pokemon Gold and Silver were released on October 15th, 2000. The formula from the first game didn’t change much. The game played out very similarly to Red and Blue, but the game was designed to be every bit better than the first two in the series. The game was longer, the area was larger and the game added 100’s of new Pokemon to the already large roster of monsters.

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

A battle in Ruby

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were released three years later for the GameBoy Advance portable in 2003. Again, the game formula hadn’t changed though the graphics improved from the first games. The game is still praised to this day, especially for it’s soundtrack of which is loved especially for the trumpets, found in almost every song in the game.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

A battle in Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS. The game was a financial and system success. The game used unique features such as bottom screen functions like checking the time, accessing the bag and using the calculator. The game was the first in the series to use pseudo-3d models for buildings and landmarks, something the series would improve later on.

Pokemon Black/White

A battle in Pokemon Black

Pokemon Black and White were released in 2011 for the Nintendo DS. The games didn’t improve on anything generally, but added more Pokemon and better 3D graphics for buildings and certain objects. Pokemon Black was received well but is generally regarded as a rather bland entry in the series.

Pokemon Black/White 2

Overlooking an area in Black 2

Pokemon Black and White 2 were released in 2012 for the Nintendo DS. The game is very similar to Black and White, even taking place in the same region as the predecessor. The game improved on the mechanics of the first game but remained very much the same as the previous games.

Pokemon X/Y

The 3D graphics in Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y are the most recent Pokemon games released in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. The game remained in much of the same formula but improved much on the graphics side. The game is rendered in full 3D including in battles. The game also allows the player to customize the character, a feature never before seen in the Pokemon series.

Note: Only main entries in the series are listed, excluding third entries per generation. 

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Tribal Wars 2 First Preview

Tribal Wars, a series created by Germany based game developer Innogames is entering the second generation of the series with the release of Tribal Wars 2. Innogames recently pushed the game into closed beta, giving beta keys to random players who signed up for the pre-release through the games website (one of which I received).

The game is similar to the first in the series, though a lot has been changed. The graphics are entirely new, being worked on from the ground up. Unlike most online games, Tribal Wars 2 will keep the focus on castle management and strategic battles against neighboring kingdoms and beyond.

The view will be nice.

The goal of this strategy city building game is to develop your castle and expand your Kingdom in a PvP environment. Manage your village by upgrading your buildings and assemble an army for offensive and defensive military maneuvers. Attacking other players and looting their resources will fuel both your progress and castle growth as the free city building game unfolds. Although military strength is a vital component, forging political alliances and pacts to fight side by side with other players is also important.


Players will be tasked with creating and managing a kingdom from the the very beginning of the game. Starting with a small village, and working their way up to a castle and fortified walls through battles and increasing defenses to ward off neighboring kingdoms attacks.

Fortify your treasures.

There is no current release date, though an open beta can be expected in the near future.

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6 Things Only Gamers Would Understand

1. One More Level

Gamers will understand that when you’re in the middle of playing a video game, the world around them does not exist. When a mother walks into the room and asks them to mow the lawn, the player will mostly respond with any of the following phrases:

One more level

Okay, but let me save my game

I’m in the middle of a match

I can’t pause the game right now

I’ll do it later

Ask a gamer if they have ever uttered these phrases to a parent while exploring the world of a video game.

2. Having No Money

Gaming is an expensive hobby, and anyone who plays video games quite often will know that being a gamer will leave you with little money to spend elsewhere, especially during the holidays when most Triple-A titles are released. Gamers will constantly look for sales or sell old video games they’ve beaten or hated for extra money to buy new ones.

3. Trade-In Value

Speaking of selling old video games, gamers will understand that Gamestop is the worst place to sell video games. Gamestop is notorious for taking in video games at extremely low prices and reselling the game at double the value it was bought for. It is definitely a good option if the gamer wants to just get rid of the game or if they’re okay with getting almost less than half of the original price for the game.

4. Local Competition

Almost all gamers have invited a friend over just to take out two controllers and play a video game together. Sometimes the gamers will choose to work together in a Cooperation mode, and sometimes the competition can get fierce in a death match mode. Getting defeated multiple times within seconds of each other by a friend can be almost deadly. In fact, many people have been killed by someone in these friendly death matches.

5. Overnight Binge Gaming

Gamers who attend school, or work a majority of the day will understand that sometimes, the only time to play video games is overnight. A cup of coffee or an energy drink, some snacks and a controller, and a gamer can stay up until sunrise playing through a video game continuously. It may not be healthy but it is certainly sometimes the only option to enjoy the wonderful hobby.

6. Frustration

Every gamer has experienced frustration while playing a video game. Whether from losing an online battle with an 11-year old, or having to repeat the same level over and over again, it is safe to say every gamer has had to set the controller down (or throw it) and walk away at least once.

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The Walking Dead: No Mans Land Coming 2015

The Walking Dead: No Mans Land

The Walking Dead, a popular TV drama series on AMC has been around for a few years, spawning books, video games and real life events including a few mobile games. In early 2015, Next Games and AMC will be releasing The Walking Dead: No Mans Land for mobile devices. Not much information was given out other than a dramatic trailer revealing the characters and the release period. The trailer can be seen below.

The Walking Dead: No Mans Land Trailer

Next Games is a new game developer created from former team members of famous developers such as Rovio, Supercell and Disney, so players should look forward to a solid Walking Dead experience on their mobile device early next year. Of course, as soon as more information is revealed, it will be posted immediately.

The characters of TWD: No Mans Land

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Breaking the Barrier: A Look into Video Game Technology

Since the very first days of storytelling, people have fantasized about future technology. From Leonardo Davincis flying machines and inventions to Edison’s dream of a brighter world, technology has been fantasized and placed in the real world subsequently.

When video games became a reality, it gave players the ability to use futuristic technology, at least to an extent. From controlling Mega Man and his iconic arm cannon, to playing as a robot in the Transformers video games, players have been using technology that we humans thought was only a fantastical dream hundreds of years away from reality. Though a majority of video game technology is impossible, or far off from development, there are certain technologies that are already existent or just on the verge of a breakthrough.

Heads-Up Display

The HUD displayed in Metal Gear Solid

It is a well known and mostly necessary part of video games to have a Heads-Up Display or HUD. This convenient feature provides an overlay on the games screen that informs the player with useful info such as character health, ammo amounts or with maps and other information. Gamer’s wanting to get their hands on this technology need not wait much longer, as Google and a large amount of other companies are working diligently on this futuristic technology.

Google Glass is the closest thing to video game HUD so far

Google Glass is the most well known invention to use this type of information overlay. By wearing a special pair of eyeglasses invented by Google, the wearer can have useful information such as notifications or directions to a destination projected onto one of the eyeglass lenses.  Google has also included speech recognition and video and photo capabilities to the glasses that will help provide gamer’s and anyone else willing to don the bold glasses with a taste of the future.


Ammo Counter

One of the first reliable electronic ammo counters

Anyone who has played a shooting game, whether the newest editions or older games have seen an ammo counter. Whether on the gun itself, or displayed on the HUD, (see above) players will notice how important ammo counts are when in the heat of battle. In the real world, it can sometimes be easy to lose track of how much ammo you’ve consumed, especially in the heat of battle. The ability to do this is now a reality as a device used to measure the amount of bullets left in a clip has been invented. Using a tiny computer clipped to a gun, the user can keep track of how many bullets have been expended just by taking a peek at the screen attached to the gun in use. It is very accurate, and uses an accelerometer to measure the impact of the bullet as it leaves the barrel. The computer isn’t for sale, and isn’t necessarily a consumer product as of now, but is at least a reality.

Hyper-Connected Cities 

The world of Watch Dogs isn't too far-off

The world of Ubisofts Watch Dogs is a captivating and exhilarating experience for PlayStation 4 owners this year. Combining the smartphone image with easy to do hacking and exploration around Chicago, Watch Dogs provided a fresh take on the open-world type game that has become so popular recently. The most interesting piece of the game, however, is its realism. Watch Dogs Chicago is different from the one in the real world, but not by much. In the game, the city is centrally connected by an operating system known as ctos. It is this connection between all things electronic that makes the hacking aspect of the game such an easy feat, as the city is left open to hackers to deal with but how real is the technology behind the city?

A map of the various electronics connected in Watch Dogs

The creators of the game give it 5-10 years before the technology to connect a city by its electronics is even possible but when it does, they assure it won’t be as easy to break through as the game depicts.

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VizionEck: PS4’s Unique FPS Gets Crazy Gameplay Video

VizionEck, an upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, just received a crazy new game play video detailing what the game will look and play like. It seems the game will use the well known first-person shooter formula but twist it into something that no one has seen before. The game takes place in a setting that seems derived of a mix between TRON and a 90’s computer game, containing all black and white digital graphics and sounds.

The game resembles a mix between TRON and a 90's digital dream

The video certainly leaves much to be desired but it does give a good insight into the goal of the game, and it certainly sets itself apart from other FPS games on the market. Unfortunately, until more information is brought out about the game the video serves to be nothing but a confusing trip into a dizzying virtual world of blocks and lines.

Colors all represent different power ups or status effects

VizionEck is a competitive first-person shooter, but its core mechanics have been rebuilt from the ground up. Spawning is different, weapons are different, cover is different, etc. This new and innovative gameplay is centered around VizionEck’s art-style. -Vizioneck.com

The video showed nothing of battles or weapons but the games website lists unique weapons and multiplayer game sessions as main features of the game. The website describes the game as a competitive shooter where the goal is to survive, while killing enemies in an ever changing world designed with mathematics in mind.

The player will be called a “ranger”, a remote controlled robotic cube designed for combat. VizionEck is shaping up to be a unique gameplay experience for PlayStation owners. Players can expect this crazy mathematical adventure this year exclusively for PS4 and PS Vita.

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