Breaking the Barrier: A Look into Video Game Technology

Since the very first days of storytelling, people have fantasized about future technology. From Leonardo Davincis flying machines and inventions to Edison’s dream of a brighter world, technology has been fantasized and placed in the real world subsequently.

When video games became a reality, it gave players the ability to use futuristic technology, at least to an extent. From controlling Mega Man and his iconic arm cannon, to playing as a robot in the Transformers video games, players have been using technology that we humans thought was only a fantastical dream hundreds of years away from reality. Though a majority of video game technology is impossible, or far off from development, there are certain technologies that are already existent or just on the verge of a breakthrough.

Heads-Up Display

The HUD displayed in Metal Gear Solid

It is a well known and mostly necessary part of video games to have a Heads-Up Display or HUD. This convenient feature provides an overlay on the games screen that informs the player with useful info such as character health, ammo amounts or with maps and other information. Gamer’s wanting to get their hands on this technology need not wait much longer, as Google and a large amount of other companies are working diligently on this futuristic technology.

Google Glass is the closest thing to video game HUD so far

Google Glass is the most well known invention to use this type of information overlay. By wearing a special pair of eyeglasses invented by Google, the wearer can have useful information such as notifications or directions to a destination projected onto one of the eyeglass lenses.  Google has also included speech recognition and video and photo capabilities to the glasses that will help provide gamer’s and anyone else willing to don the bold glasses with a taste of the future.


Ammo Counter

One of the first reliable electronic ammo counters

Anyone who has played a shooting game, whether the newest editions or older games have seen an ammo counter. Whether on the gun itself, or displayed on the HUD, (see above) players will notice how important ammo counts are when in the heat of battle. In the real world, it can sometimes be easy to lose track of how much ammo you’ve consumed, especially in the heat of battle. The ability to do this is now a reality as a device used to measure the amount of bullets left in a clip has been invented. Using a tiny computer clipped to a gun, the user can keep track of how many bullets have been expended just by taking a peek at the screen attached to the gun in use. It is very accurate, and uses an accelerometer to measure the impact of the bullet as it leaves the barrel. The computer isn’t for sale, and isn’t necessarily a consumer product as of now, but is at least a reality.

Hyper-Connected Cities 

The world of Watch Dogs isn't too far-off

The world of Ubisofts Watch Dogs is a captivating and exhilarating experience for PlayStation 4 owners this year. Combining the smartphone image with easy to do hacking and exploration around Chicago, Watch Dogs provided a fresh take on the open-world type game that has become so popular recently. The most interesting piece of the game, however, is its realism. Watch Dogs Chicago is different from the one in the real world, but not by much. In the game, the city is centrally connected by an operating system known as ctos. It is this connection between all things electronic that makes the hacking aspect of the game such an easy feat, as the city is left open to hackers to deal with but how real is the technology behind the city?

A map of the various electronics connected in Watch Dogs

The creators of the game give it 5-10 years before the technology to connect a city by its electronics is even possible but when it does, they assure it won’t be as easy to break through as the game depicts.

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