5 Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety as a Small Business Owner

Stress can lead to long term complications if not dealt with on time. Keeping yourself level headed and stress-free is a fundamental quality to foster in the mind of any business owner. Not only is stress bad for you, but it can also affect the way you make decisions throughout your company.

1. Identify the things that have been going well

Sometimes it’s so easy to focus on the negatives even after things going well. When you focus on what’s going right in your business, you develop a more positive outlook which makes it easier to tackle your stress. Being able to identify the things that have been going well also creates a feeling of control. For a business owner, losing sight of the bigger picture and letting go of the wheel can be dangerous to your long term prospects and employees who look up to you for guidance. Remember to always seek out the positive in any situation you face.

2. Prioritize your time efficiently

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Self-care is essential to keeping a healthy body and a strong mind. It can be so easy to forget about yourself when you’re committed to your business. Taking time off and indulging in the activities you enjoy is a great way to remediate stress and calming yourself. Cooling off your mind is imperative when it comes to handling decisions that can affect your company. That’s why it’s necessary to prioritize your time effectively.

3. Identify what’s been your source of stress

Stress and anxiety usually stem from an unsolved problem that you haven’t gotten around to solving. Yet, the thought keeps lingering in the back of your mind. Identifying these underlying issues and dealing with them as soon as you can is a good way of reducing stress and anxiety. Take a step back when things get hard and evaluate your surroundings. This helps foster self-awareness behaviors and patterns to identify your stress.

However, stress can arise from unexpected events such as property damage or loss of crucial data. Securing a business insurance plan well in advance can help prevent a financial setback.

4. Create a routine

Developing a consistent routine helps keep your daily work activities in track. This makes it easier to accomplish your “to-do list” while diminishing the dread that comes with procrastination and stress. Dealing with the hard task first is a good means of easing the workload for the day. When you have fewer things to worry about it makes it easier to concentrate on your business.

Having a routine gives you a sense of peace and stability, which ultimately reduces stress levels.

5. Assign tasks to capable employees

It’s easy for any small business owner to burden themselves with tasks. Instead of focusing on handling everything on your own, consider delegating different tasks to your team. If you lack the numbers, then recruit employees to help assist with the tasks you may not be good at or the time-consuming ones. Having two heads is always better than one! By having more people handling tasks you can help reduce stress without expending the energy and effort.


By taking the time to effectively deal with your stress, you will emerge much healthier than your previous state. It is necessary to keep a balance between work and play. Consider taking time off to spend with your family and friends.

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