How to Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety is sometimes described as constant worry, stress, feelings of fear for no apparent reason. We all have stress from time to time, but when stress and trauma are persistent, they can produce chronic anxiety or depression. 

The entire world is colored by gray, a lack of joy and a permanent sense of hopelessness and misery. All is not lost. You are not entirely hopeless and helpless because there are things you can do to improve your situation.

Book an appointment with a psychologist

Anxiety may be the result of a trauma or an event in your life that started you down a road of negative thoughts and feelings. A professional psychologist can help you to uncover the source of your misery and anxiety, and then guide you through a series of steps to cope or recover from the condition.

Anxiety may be difficult to diagnose and treat, but a positive approach and a will to change go a long way toward taking the first steps toward healing. If anxiety also produces head pressure, use essential oils for headaches between appointments to relieve your symptoms. Essential oils have wonderful, natural plant properties that contain soothing, healing compounds to promote calm and balance.

Medical check-up

If you’ve been feeling anxious for days, weeks or months on end, you’re overdue for a deep, comprehensive medical exam. Make an appointment to see your medical practitioner to do the necessary checks to determine if your anxiety has a physical cause. 

Bloodwork may be ordered to establish if there is an underlying reason for the way you feel. Your doctor will then advise on a course of action once the results are in. You can then decide whether you wish to take the traditional medical route or the natural path toward recovery of your health. Your choice should depend on personal circumstances.

Natural treatments

Start to look after overall health. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and eats fresh foods instead of processed foods. Add fruits, nuts and vegetables to your diet; try intermittent fasting and get exercise in fresh air to boost your immune system. 

Visit your dentist to replace mercury fillings if you have these. It’s worth the try to get mercury fillings removed, especially if the experts are struggling to isolate the cause of your anxiety. Spoil yourself with massages, reflexology and other treatments to promote calm in your life.

Discard toxic relationships

Learn that you are also valuable, and need to start treating yourself as worthy of positive attention. Remove yourself from toxic relationships in your life, even if these are family members or those you’ve thought of as close friends. If you don’t feel good about yourself in their company, walk away. 

Obviously, you need to take anxiety into consideration and how this may color your perception, but you know who you feel safe around, and who plays on your insecurities. Learn to say “no” and walk away from the people and things that poison your life. If one of them is you, make time to change.

Change from the inside out

Start to develop a positive attitude. Practice gratitude for 10-minutes, 3 times a day. See how that changes the way you feel inside. Next, sit down and practice generating positive emotions, and see how your mind and body respond positively to good feelings coursing through your cells, rather than misery. 

Add probiotics and supplements to boost your immune system further while practicing positive thinking. Play music to boost your mood, and watch funny movies until you learn how to laugh again. You are not hopeless and you are not helpless, but you can empower your world.

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