Why Is it Necessary to Become a Mold Detective?

Most people only find out that there is a mold problem in their homes once it is substantial, leaving them with little option but to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars getting it resolved. They have probably missed out on some vital signs that there was mold present and could have stopped it before it got out of hand.

The thing with mold is that it appears unattractive, but it can also be harmful to your health, which is why you need to be a mold detective. Then you will spot any signs before too much harm can be done. Here are some issues you should be looking for:

Visual signs

It is quite easy to spot mold once it becomes visible. However, this signifies that it is there in substantial quantities, and you have a problem on your hands. Individual mold spores are invisible to one’s naked eye, and you can only see them once they have assembled in significant numbers. Mold might appear to be black or greenish-yellow color. 

As soon as you see evidence of mold, you need to get professional help. To try and deal with the mold yourself is not a wise course of action. Mold can be toxic, and when inhaled, can cause illness and permanent lung damage.

Areas of damp

A history of flooding in your home can lead to the presence of mold. Damp remains well after the water has dried up, and this is an environment mold prefers. New damp areas can appear in your home from rising damp under the house or in its foundations. 

Not attending to these damp areas can lead to mold and other structural damage, according to water damage restoration company SERVPRO, located in Kansas City. It is only a matter of time before the mold appears, and by then, the problem is way beyond that which a homeowner can deal with alone.

What is that smell?

Damp smells musty and wet and is not a pleasant odor to have in your home. Mold also has an odor that you will smell together with the damp. Not all mold types smell identical. However, if you sense a smell that is not normally present in your home, it merits investigation. 

Head straight toward areas where there have been problems with damp. If the odor becomes stronger, you will need to start looking for professional help, according to Kansas City mold remediation companies.

New health complications

Even perfectly healthy people can become sick from exposure to mold. It can start with persistent headaches or sudden nosebleeds that only seem present when you are at home. Test if mold might be the cause by going away for a few days. If symptoms abate while you are gone but return when you get home, the odds are that your home is making you ill.

Cold and flu-like symptoms that do not respond to regular treatment can also be attributed to mold. If you think you or someone else in your family may be experiencing health problems because of mold, contact your doctor immediately.

Respiratory problems

The primary adverse health side effect of mold is that it attacks the lungs as they are its entry point to the rest of the body because you have inhaled its spores. The consequences include a stubborn cough that does not respond to treatment. 

However, even more seriously, mold exposure can lead to lung inflammation and pneumonia. This is especially prevalent in people with preexisting respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Those with these conditions should be monitored carefully for changes in their condition.

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