Anger – What’s Making Kids So Ready to Explode?

Kids aren’t carbon copies and their differences, while it makes them interesting, can often set off squabbling among them. Even if you as the parent know how to pour a little oil on troubled waters, you know it won’t be long, and they’ll be bickering again. 

Sibling rivalry is a normal aspect of childhood, but what is making your one child so angry that their anger is persisting long after the sibling fall-out is over? Why is it that there are more verbal attacks and physical aggression than normal? We’re about to find out, and what can be done.

Are parents to blame?

Disciplining of kids has flown out the window and parents who fail to discipline their offspring contribute to the generation of angry children. Children are far better behaved and calm when their parents combine love and warmth with consistent rules and boundaries. 

Also, always remember that as a parent, your small children are watching and learning from what you do and the examples of behavior you set. A negative parenting style, where parents used harsh, unfair and inconsistent discipline, is associated with aggressive, anti-social behavior.

Violence abounds online

Kids are blowing their tops at the tiniest things. Certainly, modern kids don’t do life without a cell phone in their hands. They’re online at every given opportunity and we have a media culture that seems to promote aggression and violence. 

Many violent characters are cast as heroes in video games and movies. You cannot dismiss the fact that researchers have linked the avid consumption of this entertainment to hostile behavior in kids and young people.

If you want to keep tabs on what your child is watching so that you can control it, why not look at a SpyFone app, suited for concerned parents? The phone spying app tracks the activities on your kid’s device. 

SpyFone is compatible with Android and iOS devices and you just need to inform the child you are tracking to keep things legal. You’ll be able to keep tabs on your child’s online or phone activities. All your child’s conversations and Internet connections will be recorded for you to view. 

Reduce obvious triggers

Hunger, boredom and exhaustion will certainly tend to make your kids cranky. Never punish your child by withholding things they need, such as food. Also, be a responsible parent and put your children to bed at the same time every evening. Tiredness always plays out with angry outbursts. 

Children’s brains and bodies are developing at a rate and depriving them of sleep and wholesome food will see them acting out their frustration in anger. Lack of sleep is like a vicious circle because it causes irritability, difficulties with learning, which increases stress. This can all lead to anxiety, anger and depression.

Respect keeps anger at bay

Kids are often angry because they’re not getting what they want from their parents. They want to respect their parents but they can’t. It is because they see their parents aren’t in control of their home and their children. Research is showing an important truth, and that is that respect is especially important during the teen years.

Ensuring respect is key to helping teens stay engaged with parents and keep their anger in check. They know that they can behave the way they like and nothing gets done about it. Anger and hostility that goes unchecked can damage relationships. 

Parents need to confront the hostility even if it provokes yet another violent outburst. They need to enforce the rules of the home and follow up with consequences if those rules are broken.

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