Chemical Sensitivities and The Many Environmental Illnesses We Contend With

Poor diet, environmental toxins and a lack of antioxidants in the diet can all affect us negatively outside and inside. 

Regardless of your family history with regards to illness, you can keep your toxic load under control and boost your immunity with optimal nutrition and avoid the many diseases of the 21st century. We look at ways pollution affects us. 

Environmental pollution

This is a serious problem and it is quite disheartening to know that by the time a baby is just six months old, it has already received some 30% of their total lifetime toxic load.

We just can’t escape it really as we are coming up against poisons from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, car exhaust fumes and industrial waste every single day. You just have to look around our towns and cities to see how they’ve become toxic dumps and our precious rivers, streams and oceans have become permeated with plastic and sewage. 

Somehow our poor bodies have to try and deal with these toxic loaded resources, but they don’t and our immune systems are simply becoming overloaded with just too many toxins. In fact, all of this toxic poisoning is a major factor in autoimmune disorders. 

Face masks limit our exposure to air pollution

People often assume that air pollution is an outdoor problem, but most of us spend more time indoors and here we are also exposed to air pollutants. Look at smoking as an example. Each time you smoke a cigarette, you are inhaling up to 4 000 different chemicals. As you exhale, those in your company inhale this too. 

It becomes imperative to wear a face mask. Organic cotton face masks from Optimally Organic are trendy and stylish in different colors and are affordable, washable, soft, comfortable and reversible. You won’t find any elastic tie-ons that force your ears forward. These masks have string ties that adjust to the different face sizes of children and adults. 

Exposure to air pollution can have negative impacts on the lungs and hearts and with the risk of premature death with the pandemic, these 100% organic face masks are a must. 

Mercury in fish and our teeth

Who would have thought that your tuna fish salad could be dangerous to your very health? Yes, well mercury, a potent neurotoxin, is actually found in fish like tuna. 

There are two main kinds of this canned tuna – chunk light and solid or chunk white (albacore). This albacore’s mercury levels are almost three times higher in temperate waters across the globe. 

This is concerning when you realize that Albacore is America’s highest-grade, white meat canned tuna. Also, there was a time when mercury amalgam dental fillings were the in-thing – those silver fillings in your teeth. Some people have even opted to have these fillings removed, more so if they have autoimmune diseases. 


Why are we seeing more asthma with children and adults? It’s an ailment characterized by increased respiratory distress with airway narrowing associated with inflammation. Shortness and wheezing are symptoms, and air pollution is partly to blame. 

Most cases of asthma have an allergic component, so eliminating offending allergens is most important in managing the disease. Many times, corticosteroid drugs are prescribed. 

Many parents, when they say ‘go outside and play’ to their kids, don’t realize that exposure to 21st-century air pollution is having a huge effect on their kid’s health. Reducing exposure, of course, is the most effective strategy, but sometimes this is easier said than done when you live in a large, polluted city. 

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