Tips for Dealing with the Ongoing Stress Caused by Working from Home

In the business world, routine and structure are major keys to success. Many people think working from home will offer them more freedom and less stress. However, when working from home, regular routines are harder to maintain and there is less structure. 

It can be stressful to be free of the routine and structure you once found to be confining. Here are five tips to help you cope with the stress of working from home. 

1. Establish a daily routine

Feeling a lack of boundaries, such as when you need to start and stop working or when you need to get up and go to sleep, can feel liberating at first but it can easily morph into a feeling of being out of control. 

Setting up a daily routine can reduce stress. Include time to take care of family needs and time to focus exclusively on work. Your family will get to know when they need to leave you completely alone and when you are free to spend time with them. 

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2. Improve your focus

It can be difficult to stick to your personal goals and keep your focus when you’re working from home. If you’re trying to finish a report, for example, the ability to concentrate can mean the difference between success and failure.

While multitasking may seem like a good way to get plenty of work done quickly, it turns out that juggling multiple tasks can actually hinder productivity. You need to fully engage with a task to do it properly. If you find your mind wandering, practice taking a few deep breaths and focus on each one before going back to what you were doing. 

3. Include regular healthy meals and exercise in your routine

Part of your routine should include regular mealtimes that you spend away from your desk. It is tempting to grab a snack and eat it while working. However, spending all day hunched over your computer isn’t good for your health or your state of mind. 

Try starting the day with a healthy breakfast in the morning. Take breaks for tea and a longer break for lunch. Try to fit in some exercise before you sit down at your desk or at any other time that suits you during the day. 

4. Get family to work together as a team

Another challenge of working from home that causes stress is dealing with more distractions and trying to juggle work life with family responsibilities. When working from home, it is important to get the support of your family so you can all work together as a team to create the right environment. 

Family members need to be more mindful of what they are doing that could be a distraction, such as listening to music with the volume turned up or playing noisy video games. When everyone in the family co-operates, this can help to relieve stress. 

5. Talk to your colleagues and get their support

One of the stressors of working from home is adapting to new technologies, like teleconferencing. Communicating virtually reduces in-person contact and can contribute to anxiety and depression. 

It may be difficult to express your vulnerability with coworkers. However, you are likely to find that they are also facing similar challenges while working at home and it may be an opportunity to give one another support and encouragement. 

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