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Connor Schwager is an entrepreneur and avid gamer from Pennsylvania. He loves gaming culture and the business of gaming.

5 Reasons Why a Law Firm Should Review Your Legal Documents

As a business owner, you may sign off on documents and contracts that haven’t been reviewed by a lawyer. These documents may include those such as commercial space leases, sales contracts and employment contracts.  Not having these documents reviewed could cause trouble for you in the future. Any legal document with the potential to impact […]

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Common Remote Job Interview Questions

Introduction Remote jobs are awesome because they eliminate the need to commute and are very accessible in general. However, it can be difficult to land the job in the first place. Let’s take a look at some common remote job interview questions. How will you schedule your work? Employers want to know how you will […]

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5 Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety as a Small Business Owner

Stress can lead to long term complications if not dealt with on time. Keeping yourself level headed and stress-free is a fundamental quality to foster in the mind of any business owner. Not only is stress bad for you, but it can also affect the way you make decisions throughout your company. 1. Identify the […]

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Pregnancy Testing Following IVF Treatment

Falling pregnant with IVF treatment is far more complex than you might think. After going through the extended process of falling pregnant via IVF, you will then need to receive monitoring to ensure your pregnancy goes according to a pre-set plan.  Physicians will conduct periodic test to ensure your health and that of your fetus […]

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How You Can Stop Living from Month to Month

Living from your paycheck month after month can be draining. You find yourself running out of money halfway through the month, and sit with the stress of wondering how you’re going to survive. Many are familiar with this lifestyle because they were never taught good financial habits when growing up.  The good news is that […]

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Six Sigma and the Internet of Things (IoT): A Match Made in Heaven

Users of Six Sigma are embracing the IoT and what it has to offer organizations. The surge in data that process managers have at their disposal is largely thanks to the internet. Internet connectivity helps companies because of the information it provides is invaluable. With just about everyone’s phone, tablet, or computer connected to the […]

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Backpacking Trips to Take in Africa While You Are In College

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world with over 50 countries and three different oceans surrounding it. This means there’s an enormous amount to see and do.  Many students go backpacking in Africa to experience its magnificent scenery, see wildlife and have unforgettable adventures. It’s worth planning ahead to know what to expect because […]

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Top Reasons Not to Delay Roof Repairs

When it rains, it can be somewhat of a relief to have a house with a slanted roof because then you know that the water will flow down and away from the house.  Whatever roof you have, roof waterproofing can’t be taken lightly. If you don’t take it seriously, you could land up with water […]

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5 Roofing Issues That Require a Qualified Contractor

A home is an expensive investment and proper roof maintenance and repair is part of being a responsible homeowner. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of roof problems until they become really serious.  You don’t look at your roof every day and so it is easy to take it for granted and only start paying attention […]

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Bright Ideas to Keep Your Garage Organized

Keeping your garage well-organized can be quite a ‘mission impossible’ type of project. You keep putting off getting your garage organized because you don’t have the right tools. It’s as simple as that. Once you have a better idea of what you need to get and keep your garage space properly organized, you’ll be good […]

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