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Connor Schwager

Connor Schwager is an entrepreneur and avid gamer from Pennsylvania. He loves gaming culture and the business of gaming.

Understanding Different Garage Door Materials

You’re almost done with redoing the garage. You’ve had it cleaned and painted, and you even invited a Kansas City electrician to check the installations. Now all that’s left for you do to is figure out whether you want to keep the old garage door or get a new one. If the door mechanism isn’t […]

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Chemical Sensitivities and The Many Environmental Illnesses We Contend With

Poor diet, environmental toxins and a lack of antioxidants in the diet can all affect us negatively outside and inside.  Regardless of your family history with regards to illness, you can keep your toxic load under control and boost your immunity with optimal nutrition and avoid the many diseases of the 21st century. We look […]

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How to Improve Your Reading Speed

The ability to quickly read large quantities of text appeals to many. It might be due to a desire to read more that would make people want to speed up their reading. It can also be a challenge, seeing how fast they can get at reading. Still, there are lots of misconceptions about the speed […]

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How to Save Up on Car Insurance

Car insurance – the one expense you cannot do without if you want to own a car. Still, even though it’s usually mandatory and an unwelcome expense, it doesn’t have to burn too big of a hole in your wallet. With a couple of tips and tricks, you can easily save up on your car […]

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5 Tips for Adjusting to Retirement After Years of Working

Many people look forward to retirement without thinking about the psychological effects it may have on them after having spent years working. Many people start to question who they are when they stop being a banker, chef, teacher or lawyer.  Other issues, such as more time and less money, can make adjusting to retirement difficult. […]

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Where to Host Your Music Online for Free

There’s no such thing as a musician that’s so in love with the object of their craft – music – that they’re completely oblivious of the fact that somehow, the music they create needs to reach an audience. Even music geniuses have to understand the merits of distribution. But we live in the 21st century, […]

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How Telemedicine is Helping People and Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, telemedicine has proved to be a great instrument in preventing and treating this virus as well as providing information on it. Telemedicine achieves these goals by making it easy for patients to get medical assistance at home via virtual consultations away from the danger of getting infected at healthcare […]

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Setting Up an Ecommerce Pet Store

Pets, and especially dogs, have always been an integral part of families. There is not a little kid who did not ask for a puppy or some other pet at one time growing up.  Pets retain the same value for seniors as companions when the children are long gone and you have possibly lost a […]

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Anger – What’s Making Kids So Ready to Explode?

Kids aren’t carbon copies and their differences, while it makes them interesting, can often set off squabbling among them. Even if you as the parent know how to pour a little oil on troubled waters, you know it won’t be long, and they’ll be bickering again.  Sibling rivalry is a normal aspect of childhood, but […]

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Guidelines for Safe Shopping During COVID-19

Grocery shopping is a necessity that families cannot survive without even during the current lockdown restrictions. Yes, COVID-19 is real and a threat to people’s lives, but with sufficient safety measures, shopping for essentials should not pose any challenges.  Scientists have asserted that the virus is spread from person-to-person and that properly packaged foodstuffs are […]

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