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‘Adventure Quest’ Creators Tease New Mobile Game

Artix Entertainment, the developers behind games such as ‘Adventure Quest‘, ‘Dragon Fable‘ and ‘Adventure Quest Worlds‘ recently teased a new mobile game called ‘Adventure Quest Dragons‘. The new game will play similarly to ‘Cookie Clicker’, where the game will for the most part, play itself. The player will be able to obtain dragon eggs to […]

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New Nintendo 3DS Coming Soon

Last night, during a Nintendo live stream event, a new 3DS model was confirmed. The new model will come in two different sizes, the LL and regular. Both sport better 3D viewing angles and a second circle pad Nintendo is calling the ‘c-stick’. The new 3DS will also have a Z button and buttons similar […]

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‘Flappy Bird’ Developer Releases New Game

Everyone remembers “Flappy Bird” the aggravatingly difficult mobile game where the player controlled a flapping bird through a maze of green pipes. It was a global phenomena of a game that frustrated some and was enjoyed by others but regardless, the creator  Dong Nguyen removed the game from all app stores. The removal spawned hundreds […]

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Norman Reedus Embraces Silent Hills

In a teaser released online by Konami, viewers were given a glimpse into the new world of Silent Hill which will be starring Norman Reedus, of The Walking Dead fame, as the lead character. The teaser trailer contains names such as Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro along with Konami and a change to the normal Silent […]

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Pokemon Origins: The History of Pokemon

With the imminent release of the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes for Nintendo 3DS, it seems fitting to go back in time to discover the origins of the beloved franchise. Pokemon began as an idealistic dream of Satoshi Tajiri. As a child, Satoshi was fond of catching and collecting insects and tadpoles in Tokyo, and […]

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Tribal Wars 2 First Preview

Tribal Wars, a series created by Germany based game developer Innogames is entering the second generation of the series with the release of Tribal Wars 2. Innogames recently pushed the game into closed beta, giving beta keys to random players who signed up for the pre-release through the games website (one of which I received). […]

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6 Things Only Gamers Would Understand

1. One More Level Gamers will understand that when you’re in the middle of playing a video game, the world around them does not exist. When a mother walks into the room and asks them to mow the lawn, the player will mostly respond with any of the following phrases: One more level Okay, but […]

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The Walking Dead: No Mans Land Coming 2015

The Walking Dead, a popular TV drama series on AMC has been around for a few years, spawning books, video games and real life events including a few mobile games. In early 2015, Next Games and AMC will be releasing The Walking Dead: No Mans Land for mobile devices. Not much information was given out […]

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Breaking the Barrier: A Look into Video Game Technology

Since the very first days of storytelling, people have fantasized about future technology. From Leonardo Davincis flying machines and inventions to Edison’s dream of a brighter world, technology has been fantasized and placed in the real world subsequently. When video games became a reality, it gave players the ability to use futuristic technology, at least […]

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VizionEck: PS4’s Unique FPS Gets Crazy Gameplay Video

VizionEck, an upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, just received a crazy new game play video detailing what the game will look and play like. It seems the game will use the well known first-person shooter formula but twist it into something that no one has seen before. The game takes place in a setting that seems […]

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