Easter Bonnet cupcakes

In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it,
you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade.
Irving Berlin
I made my own parade of hats, cupcake style.

I didn’t go with outrageous. I was feeling all pastel-ee and took my inspiration from these pearl decorations and then colored marshmallow fondant to be all matchy matchy.


Easter Bonnet Cupcakes

For the full recipe and instructions, hop on over to my baking blog, Diary of a Mad Hausfrau.

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Cutie Linzer Cookie for Easter

In an effort to eat less sugar I went to the store and loaded up on fruit including these cuties/clementines. They tasted like candy and were so juicy and delicious I swore off baked goods forever.

Until I had the idea to turn them into a Linzer cookie.

I used this cute Easter themed Linzer cookie set for the cookies. You can use any shape cutters you have but if you want to make the cutout, you need one is several sizes smaller as well.

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Allspice Cashew French Macarons with Honey Buttercream Filling

There was only one thing to do when I found that leftover cashew flour in my pantry. Yep. More cashew French Macarons. 

I still have lots of all spice leftover from the Holidays. So I killed two birds with one macaron using up both to create this lovely sweet and spicy French macaron flavor.

Make that three birds. I added some Turkish honey to some unflavored buttercream I had hanging out in the freezer.
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Pecan Whisky Meringues

There was a dinner out recently in NYC where I ordered the drink special, egg nog made with pecan bourbon whiskey. They were out of the drink so I ordered the pecan whiskey straight. It was so delicious, The very next day I went out and bought a bottle.

Then of course I was thinking of all the baking recipes I could embellish with it. Meringues came to mind.

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Port Wine Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

So Januarywas National Oatmeal Month. I sorta ignore all those foodie days, weeks and months. They can either be inspirational or  drive one crazy when planning blog posts. Mostly I’m in the latter category.

I’m not a big oatmeal eater but add the word cookie after oatmeal and now you have my full attention.

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Ginger Brandy Chocolate Truffles

I’ve been meaning to make something with this ginger flavored bandy for a long time. The problem is. The bottle never lasts long in my house. 

Between myself and my guests, the brandy disappears  quickly, especially in these cold winter months.

So finally I bought two bottles at once and was able to eek out these Ginger Brandy Chocolate truffles before it all went away.
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Orange Cream French Macarons

When I was a kid there I was always torn when the Good Humor ice cream man would peddle up the street pushing his cart full of  ice cream bar delights.

I constantly vacillated between Toasted Almond, Chocolate Fudge Cake or Creamsicle. As I got older and saw the Good Humor man less and less,  the memory of those flavors remained.

In my experience the others are too hard to find in my adult life. But I still love and enjoy a good Creamsicle from time to time.
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Vanilla Spearmint Sparkling Snowflake Macarons

This spearmint/vanilla combo is a great idea for your holiday dessert table or to make as gifts. 

I Happen to love spearmint flavor and dumped poor peppermint for sexy spearmint years ago. It’s become one of my favorite flavors so it was only a matter of time before it made it into a macaron on this blog.

These fun and festive macs are perfect for spreading holiday maccheer.

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Spicy Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Whenever I make gingerbread cookies, no matter what recipe I am using, I double the spices, add cardamon powder and sometimes even chili or cayenne powder. I like my gingerbread cookies to bite me back when I bite into them.

When I created this ice cream, I tried to mix together a sassy spice blend to add  gingerbread flavor that wouldn’t distract from the ice cream itself.

I used the mellower milk chocolate chips instead of semi sweet not to pile more on the palate. I think it came out great. However,  next time I would reach for the chili and cayenne to push the spice bar even higher. Because that’s how I do things.
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Brandied Plum Mold

This dessert, called “Cognac Pflaumenpudding” in German is more like a boozy jello mold. However, the flavor is much bolder than a traditional jello dessert.

Pulverized canned plums provide intense flavor. I substituted fresh ones, simmering them in water and sugar first, creating a plum syrup to add to the recipe.

To spike the dessert, I used Sliwowitz brand plum brandy (popular in central and Eastern Europe) which is made from Damson plums. You can also substitute cherry brandy. The spices can be swapped out as well. I added ground cinnamon to this version but you can try allspice or a combination of clove or nutmeg powder.

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