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Easter Bonnet cupcakes

In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it, you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade. -Irving Berlin   I made my own parade of hats, cupcake style.   I didn’t go with outrageous. I was feeling all pastel-ee and took my inspiration from these pearl decorations and then colored marshmallow fondant [...]

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Cutie Linzer Cookie for Easter

In an effort to eat less sugar I went to the store and loaded up on fruit including these cuties/clementines. They tasted like candy and were so juicy and delicious I swore off baked goods forever. Until I had the idea to turn them into a Linzer cookie. I used this cute Easter themed Linzer [...]

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Allspice Cashew French Macarons with Honey Buttercream Filling

There was only one thing to do when I found that leftover cashew flour in my pantry. Yep. More cashew French Macarons.  I still have lots of all spice leftover from the Holidays. So I killed two birds with one macaron using up both to create this lovely sweet and spicy French macaron flavor. Make [...]

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Pecan Whisky Meringues

There was a dinner out recently in NYC where I ordered the drink special, egg nog made with pecan bourbon whiskey. They were out of the drink so I ordered the pecan whiskey straight. It was so delicious, The very next day I went out and bought a bottle. Then of course I was thinking [...]

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Port Wine Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

So Januarywas National Oatmeal Month. I sorta ignore all those foodie days, weeks and months. They can either be inspirational or  drive one crazy when planning blog posts. Mostly I’m in the latter category. I’m not a big oatmeal eater but add the word cookie after oatmeal and now you have my full attention.

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Ginger Brandy Chocolate Truffles

I’ve been meaning to make something with this ginger flavored bandy for a long time. The problem is. The bottle never lasts long in my house.  Between myself and my guests, the brandy disappears  quickly, especially in these cold winter months. So finally I bought two bottles at once and was able to eek out [...]

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Orange Cream French Macarons

When I was a kid there I was always torn when the Good Humor ice cream man would peddle up the street pushing his cart full of  ice cream bar delights. I constantly vacillated between Toasted Almond, Chocolate Fudge Cake or Creamsicle. As I got older and saw the Good Humor man less and less, [...]

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Vanilla Spearmint Sparkling Snowflake Macarons

This spearmint/vanilla combo is a great idea for your holiday dessert table or to make as gifts.  I Happen to love spearmint flavor and dumped poor peppermint for sexy spearmint years ago. It’s become one of my favorite flavors so it was only a matter of time before it made it into a macaron on [...]

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Spicy Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Whenever I make gingerbread cookies, no matter what recipe I am using, I double the spices, add cardamon powder and sometimes even chili or cayenne powder. I like my gingerbread cookies to bite me back when I bite into them. When I created this ice cream, I tried to mix together a sassy spice blend [...]

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Brandied Plum Mold

This dessert, called “Cognac Pflaumenpudding” in German is more like a boozy jello mold. However, the flavor is much bolder than a traditional jello dessert. Pulverized canned plums provide intense flavor. I substituted fresh ones, simmering them in water and sugar first, creating a plum syrup to add to the recipe. To spike the dessert, [...]

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