Crocus and dead skunks a sure sign of spring

I finally had a chance to look at the side of the house during daylight hours. A bunch of crocus plants are popping up amidst all the dead plants I didn’t clear from last year. So far there are deep dark purple and bright white. I used to have yellow ones but I don’t know what happened to them. Maybe they are covered up. Shouldn’t I be out there working instead of in here typing?


So I e-mailed with my friend Farmer Frank Pollock this week again. He asked if we did a dead skunk count. You see, he says when you start seeing (or smelling) dead skunks you know spring is right around the corner. “I’ve seen more this year than any other year,” he reported. I’ve seen a few but have no count.


Why is this a sign of spring? Skunks are out mating in February and March so when people see them on the move, they know spring is here.


Another sure sign of spring: Onion snow. We’ll leave that for next time.


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