Halloween is just another missed deadline

I didn’t inherit a lot of qualities from my mother. She was tall (I’m 5 nothing), she had willpower (quit smoking, cut down on caffeine and lost weight) and she could sew without a pattern. I don’t smoke but am guilty of drinking caffeine and overeating. And I especially cannot sew with a pattern. Have trouble even following directions when I do have them.


One thing we have in common: The inability to finish projects on time.


When I was five or six, my mom started sewing two Halloween costumes for me. One was a white satin angel (believe it, I was sweet then) and one was a fairy princess costume, complete with blue and silver netting. The problem? They weren’t ready for Halloween. Luckily I didn’t grow much by the following year so I still managed to wear them later.


I sewed 12 out of 20 rows and then stopped.

I sewed 12 out of 20 rows and then ran into trouble and got discouraged.

I can now understand because
my projects always take longer than I plan for them. I started a quilt for my son David’s wedding. I bought the fabric eight months ahead of time. Spent quite a bit for it (will never admit how much in writing.) But the pattern was more complicated than I thought. He got married June 14, of last year. I put a picture of the half-finished quilt in a card. That’s the last time I touched it.


Now I have picked out fabric for his baby quilt. He told me I’m rushing things. I told him I need to get started now or the kid will be in college by the time I’m finished.


So this year we dressed up for Halloween at the office. What to do? I’m not really into Halloween, My angel and fairy costumes haven’t fit for 45 years. I wanted something that was representative of me and my personality. And didn’t take too long to pull together.


One row of the quilt made a nice sash for my costume. Yes, that's a little piece of batting on my side. OK next time I'll try harder

After a couple of days I figured it out. I was sitting around thinking about all the projects I want to complete before Christmas. That’s when it hit me that I should capitalize on the projects I already have. I pulled out the quilt and sewed some of the pieces on a shirt, masquerading as an unfinished quilt. Hey, at least I used it for something.


No. I didn’t win any prizes. And I didn’t even get inspired to finish the quilt.




Here’s what you can do so you don’t end up like me. Try searching the net for last-minute Halloween costumes. I’ll also share some great ideas from my co-workers: a washed-up actress trying to make a comeback, a greaser, Taylor Swift and Kanye West, roller derby star, a hippie, a clown or a pajama girl. Ideas are numerous.


Everything else you need to know is on our Halloween page, including our list of trick or treat times. 

Two important things I need to mention: When you do dress up, take your photo and send it to us for a Halloween gallery. Hey we take anything that’s not obscene.

Last, we also turn back the clocks tonight. You know what that means. You’ll need to change your smoke detector batteries. It only takes five minutes to do and it can truly save lives.

Me? I’m going to start planning next year’s costume. No, I think I’ll start working on a quilt for my grandchild of the future. If I start now it will be done by the time he or she goes to college.

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