You bought it, now you need to wrap it

If you’ve been good this Christmas season you have all your shopping done (don’t you hate those people?) and you’re ready to wrap.hot_cocoa

A snowy Saturday is the perfect time to make some hot chocolate and pull out the paper and the tape. OK, some people prefer wine when they wrap, but for the best outcome it’s better to stay sober.

There are plenty of sites to show you tips on wrapping so I won’t bore you with repeating them.


But if you want to know how Santa does it here’s a video.

 I’d rather give you some alternate ideas.

For those hard to wrap gifts, think about every container from your recycle bin: toilet paper rolls, empty paper towel rolls, oatmeal canisters. My husband Ronnie is notorious for wrapping small presents in bigger containers. Tissue boxes, cereal bar boxes, toothpaste boxes. You name it, he uses them. It’s funny that all my recycled cardboard magically disappears the week before Christmas. Ronnie wraps tiny presents in several layers to fool the person who might try to guess. Our kids would say he’s trying to aggravate the person, but we don’t need to talk about that. For the inner wrappings, he’ll use newspaper or scraps of paper. He’ll recycle old paper. For him, wrapping is half the fun of giving.

When I have time I like to make pretty packages. I rarely use purchased bows because they get mushed. I’ll use curly ribbon and a plastic flower from a discount store, or I’ll attach an ornament. I like to give people something useful as well as pretty.
Some people recommend using pretty fabric to wrap presents. I quilt so I try not to waste an inch of fabric. Besides fabric these days can go for $9 a yard. This is NOT cost effective unless you have fabric you’ll never use or by it cheap at discount store.

Sometimes you need to just give it up and get a bag. We bought our beautiful granddaughter Melody a sled for Christmas. It’s OK to put it out there because

Sometimes a discount store bike bag is the only way to wrap a bulky item like this sled.

Sometimes a discount store bike bag is the only way to wrap a bulky item like this sled.

she’s 1 ½ and can’t read yet. It’s an infant sled but it would still be a monster to wrap so I went to a discount store and bought a “bike” bag. They come in several patterns and are terrific. I threw the sled in there, tied it up with curly ribbon and we’re good to go.


If you have a pet, wrapping a present always creates some excitement. Check this out.  


One more thing. I read that 19 percent of Americans say they’d rather clean than wrap presents. Come on! Who could ever believe that? Wrapping presents is recreation. Cleaning is well, cleaning. Yuck.


No matter what you wrap or what you do, have a very Merry Christmas.

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