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Getting rid of wrinkles… and we don’t mean face cream

When I was young I watched my mother and grandmother iron clothes. They would take out the glass Coke bottle with the sprinkle top, fill it with water and work away. One of my grandmothers even ironed pillow cases. She did. Amazing. I remember begging my mom to show me how to iron because it […]

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When smaller is bigger

I haven’t been writing much lately because my camera wasn’t working so I couldn’t add photos. Ok, it’s an excuse, but it’s a real one. My camera was still under warranty so I took it back to the camera shop – several times. Last time, the owner gave me his charger because the company forgot to […]

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To paint, or not to paint

You won’t catch me saying this very often, but here goes. I should have listened to my husband. Ouch! About five years ago, we peeled the ugly wallpaper off the walls in the bathroom. It had branches on it and I kept looking for the birds. And it was peeling. Yuk. We painted the walls […]

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Appreciate life and other promises

It’s that time again. I’m going to make my New Year’s resolutions public so that I’m embarrassed when I don’t keep them. It won’t help me keep them, but maybe I’ll think twice because I bared my soul.  10. Go through the mail each day. Take care of it immediately. Discard what I don’t need […]

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What’s on your tree?

Here’s the old fashioned way to decorate a tree. Buy ornaments when you first set up housekeeping and add to your collection every year.  Handcraft some ornaments. Buy one angel and keep it until it’s tattered. The new (and maybe improved) way: To make a theme tree and to keep retailers in business. On Thanksgiving […]

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For the birds…and critters too

When we asked readers about feeding the birds, Karen Hagen Goldberg of Stroud Township was the first to respond. She’s got a regular wildlife sanctuary with bird feeders everywhere and a few nesting boxes that are unintended homes to critters.  “I have a bluebird nest box, which is currently inhabited by a flying squirrel during […]

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Generator etiquette at its best

Just when we got comfortable again after the loss of power from Hurricane Irene, the Hallowinter storm hit, dragging down power lines. People who didn’t buy a generator before flocked to the stores Saturday and Sunday. That included my son who lives in Allentown. All the box stores were out, but one little hardware store in […]

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Pumpkin from soup to seeds

Pumpkin has to be one of the most underrated foods. Sure, it’s great for pie. Or pumpkin roll. Mmm, love that fattening stuff. But there’s so much more. Pumpkin seeds are an easy byproduct of jack-o-lanterns. Now they are easier than ever. You can even microwave them. You can toast them in a traditional way. […]

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Saving the day when power gets knocked out

When I was a kid, the power went out and it seemed like an adventure. My mother, who was quite creative in every aspect, made me a piece of toast by slowly moving over the top of a candle. That was fun. Then I grew up. When our power was knocked out by Hurricane Irene,  […]

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A reprieve from winter

Last week the little picture of the moon and the cold crisp night sent me into a panic. Scattered frost was on the way and I wanted to save the dahlias. Scattered could mean it might not hit my microclimate in Gilbert. But I knew it would. I was in a frenzy because I had […]

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