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Falling in love is for the birds

I’ll be the first one to tell you I’m a birdaholic. I started feeding birds about 20 years ago to entertain my cat but I was the one who became hooked.  Fortunately they have support groups for people like me. They are called Feeder Watch programs, bird counts and nature centers. Whenever I get a chance to […]

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When plastic is a good idea

I’ve been putting plastic plants in my shed window boxes for years. The first year I tried to find pots that fit the window boxes, tried to make sure they didn’t dry out and tried to make sure they grew. It didn’t work. Hence, fake flowers. Silk are probably appear a little more realistic than […]

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Death by cat

The thing about nature is that it’s not all happiness and roses. The joy of watching birds at work can quickly turn to sorrow when it’s all destroyed. I was so excited to have chickadees nesting on my deck. I pulled my chair up to the window to watch the constant interaction at the nest while […]

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Don’t take nature for granted

Sometimes I am in awe of the cycle of life and sometimes I am just plain sad. When I was walking merrily through my yard on Memorial Day weekend, I stopped because I saw a baby bird dead on the ground. I looked up to see if I could find the nest, although I couldn’t […]

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Where have all the robins been?

When we see a robin in our yard, we know it’s spring. But the truth is that some robins are here throughout the winter in the woods, according to Darryl Speicher, naturalist with the Monroe County Environmental Center. “Every year we see a few here and there in the woods,” Speicher said. When yards are […]

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Sure seems like spring

 We didn’t really have winter so you probably didn’t notice signs of spring in the Poconos.  But the birds and the critters sure did.   It was gradual, for sure, but the birds are changing. Just like the leaves change in autumn, the birds at the feeders are different. Two weeks ago I noticed goldfinches […]

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For the birds…and critters too

When we asked readers about feeding the birds, Karen Hagen Goldberg of Stroud Township was the first to respond. She’s got a regular wildlife sanctuary with bird feeders everywhere and a few nesting boxes that are unintended homes to critters.  “I have a bluebird nest box, which is currently inhabited by a flying squirrel during […]

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