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Things you want to do on Christmas but you really shouldn’t

It was something right out of a cheap Christmas movie. My husband was putting up the decorations throughout our yard. Lights on the bushes here, lights on the arbor there, spiral Christmas trees throughout the yard. And the Moravian star hanging from the porch ceiling. We’re not even going to talk about the dangers of being […]

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What’s on your tree?

Here’s the old fashioned way to decorate a tree. Buy ornaments when you first set up housekeeping and add to your collection every year.  Handcraft some ornaments. Buy one angel and keep it until it’s tattered. The new (and maybe improved) way: To make a theme tree and to keep retailers in business. On Thanksgiving […]

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Christmas 2010 with the crazy cat

It’s Day 3 and the Christmas tree is still standing! That might not sound notable to people who have not met our crazy calico cat, Graci. We inherited Gracie in October after a friend passed away and we’ve been trying to adjust to the 2-year-old Kamikaze cat that raids the garbage for cotton swabs to […]

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A recycled Christmas

I can’t bear to throw good things away. Yes, my son David reminds me  there’s a TV show about that but I like to think I’m not a Hoarder with a capital H just yet. It has always bugged me to throw yogurt containers away. They are good plastic and they hold stuff, therefore they should […]

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Practice safe shopping

If you’re anything like me, you are consumed with Christmas shopping right now. I am the Queen of Returns so I sat up straight in my chair when I heard Dave Shallcross from the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General spoke last week at the Penn State Cooperative Extension Holiday workshop.   Shallcross had lots […]

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Gougers’ last stand

What does easy-to-assemble mean? Not much, it turns out. We spent the weekend wrestling with a new TV stand.   We had one of those great old-fashioned entertainment stands. One that fit our 27-inch 11-year-old TV perfectly. We bought it at a yard sale for just $50 and it worked for years. But now it’s […]

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Holidays: All about Food (and families of course)

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is all about spending time with family and food. Yes, food.  Throw the diet out the window and finish off the Christmas cookies. For the first time in a long time we had a quiet Christmas. With the expected bad weather, we decided to postpone the annual white […]

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You bought it, now you need to wrap it

If you’ve been good this Christmas season you have all your shopping done (don’t you hate those people?) and you’re ready to wrap. A snowy Saturday is the perfect time to make some hot chocolate and pull out the paper and the tape. OK, some people prefer wine when they wrap, but for the best outcome […]

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Easiest Ever Lemon Cookies

So what’s your Christmas tradition? Won’t you share with our readers? Send your traditions, recipes and photos to me at We need them soon so we can feature them next Saturday. So, why not take a few minutes from shopping, baking and decorating a tree and share your tradition?

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