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Daffodils are blooming; knees are creaking

Enough of the snow. Both my daffodils and my psyche are ready for spring. Too bad my knees aren’t rarin’ to go.   By Saturday afternoon the snow was gone in my yard and both the daffodils and hyacinths were ready to open.   The dahlia bulbs have been ordered and I’ve been spending the […]

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The long winter dirt nap

This year the dahlias in the front garden looked so much better than the ones in the back garden. The difference wasn’t the amount of sun. It was the dirt. Or soil, as the fancy gardeners call it. I didn’t realize just how bad the dirt was until we dug the bulbs out this week […]

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The Great Gilbert Cover-up

The flower season is coming to an abrupt cold end.   Last Saturday I picked every dahlia bud that even gave a hint of flowering and then the great coverup began. My husband Ronnie and my friend Carol helped to cover up every dahlia. We threw tarps over some, and blankets, sheets and a few […]

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Finally caught up with the garden

It took me all summer, but my garden is finally in shape. Just in time for frost.   OK, I still have weeds, but it’s actually at the point where I am not embarrassed to invite people to see the garden.   The dahlias are about a week or so behind last year. We’ve only […]

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A new encounter with the weed monster

Three-day weekends are just made for gardening. Now, if you’ve kept up with gardening on a regular basis, you probably had a picnic this weekend.   I didn’t and therefore, the most I could hope for was a weed pulling party. Without the beer. Isn’t it amazing how we had almost no rain this year, […]

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Even the zinnias are standing taller

Whew. We finally got some rain.  And there’s more on the way. It goes without saying that it’s been a long hot summer. If my plants could talk, they’d say, “Put out the fire. Get me some water.” My plants are about two weeks behind schedule. Flowers have been coming slowly in dahlialand and the […]

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Every plant should have a place

O.K. we did it again. We ended up with many more plants than we could possibly fit into any of our gardens.   We always order a few (really more than a few) new dahlias in case we lose some over the winter. That’s how we ended up with more than 120 to put in […]

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You can’t save flowers, silly

I always said flowers were for sharing but when the new neighbor kids came to call, I admit I was a little stingy. The 5-year-old boy and his 7-year-old sister who is getting a cell phone for her birthday came over to say hello. Raymond came first, “Can I pick a flower for my mom?” […]

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Dreaming about dahlias

It’s Saturday afternoon and I should be doing any number of things. Forget about cleaning, I need to prepare craft kits for junior worship in church Sunday and I have not one, but two wallhangings and a quilt to finish.   But our master gardener’s story about virtual garden tours gave me a rude awakening. […]

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The first robin of the year

My neighbor Curt Detrick was looking out from his porch in Gilbert on Wednesday and spotted somethinig unusual for January: two robins. He called his wife Shirley who confirmed, but they couldn’t get a photo. Then they called me. I was in Stroudsburg so I couldn’t do anything but I was definitely intrigued.   We […]

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