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When plastic is a good idea

I’ve been putting plastic plants in my shed window boxes for years. The first year I tried to find pots that fit the window boxes, tried to make sure they didn’t dry out and tried to make sure they grew. It didn’t work. Hence, fake flowers. Silk are probably appear a little more realistic than […]

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Dahlias bring color to your garden, joy to our hearts

People always ask why we grow dahlias, especially when they hear all the work that’s involved. Answer: It’s truly a labor of love and you can get great prices on them now. In the age of the Internet and remote control, why plant dahlias that require a lot of work? Perennials and annuals are easy and […]

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Seeing yellow in the Poconos

This time of the year is just one of the best in the Poconos because we see masses of yellow in our neighborhoods, along the roads and even lined up on the highway. Talk about a showcase. Forsythia bushes provide ribbons of color with their beautiful sweeping shape. One of my favorite spots is actually […]

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Bulbs, weeds and varmints welcome spring

Today marks the official opening of spring, but gardeners in the Poconos knew it was spring even before they met the first robin of the season. We did set a record yesterday, and gardeners are thanking their lucky spades for what’s come so far.   Barb Daskal said her crocuses have been blooming since Feb. 27 […]

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Who can resist a bargain?

Prices are going up all over the Poconos, but if you look around, you can still find a few bargains. Pets are expensive, there’s no getting around it. But we owe our cuddly critters health care. The Eastern Pa Animal Alliance is once again offering a low-cost spay/neuter service and monthly vaccine clinic from 8:30 […]

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Saving the day when power gets knocked out

When I was a kid, the power went out and it seemed like an adventure. My mother, who was quite creative in every aspect, made me a piece of toast by slowly moving over the top of a candle. That was fun. Then I grew up. When our power was knocked out by Hurricane Irene,  […]

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Enough rain already?

Feel like you should be building an ark? Forget container gardens. I lost my lettuce in August. Fact is, it was finished by that time, but other plants were not. My poor marigolds and petunias can’t grow in an inch of water. It’s nice to have a shower or two, but an inch or two […]

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The best $3.95 ever spent

When I bought my plants in spring I selected a small (no tiny) butterfly bush in a tiny pot for $3.95. The sales clerk at the garden center assured me it was the same as the big ones for $16.95 and higher. It didn’t look like it, but it was. Now, I really didn’t expect […]

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Rain, rain, come again

Just when I was trying to figure out how to put in an irrigation system (better known in my  small garden as a soaker hose), it started raining. And raining. We had 4 inches in three days. And now it’s raining again. I personally love it. My garden has never been so happy. My grass has never […]

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Get your act together and enter the fair

Hard to believe the summer is almost over. It must be, because it’s time to send in your registration if you want to submit your vegetables and flowers in the West End Fair. Friday is the deadline. The county fair is open to all residents of Monroe County. New this year are an ethnic category in both […]

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