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Retain the rain and keep West Nile away

For some people rain is annoyance. To a gardener it’s manna from heaven. Even though the growing season is over for many of us, I smile as I listen to rain falling on the roof. I’m glad it’s not snow – not quite ready for that yet – and I’m happy that our water tables [...]

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Too many plants? Build a new garden

  It’s only June 10th, but we’ve had at least four 90-plus degree days.  I’ve run the gamut of sweating as I was planting dahlias, to wearing a coat when shoveling dirt. What a weird “spring.” Just made my garden dilemmas even stranger than normal. This year, we ended up with way too many dahlias. [...]

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Even the zinnias are standing taller

Whew. We finally got some rain.  And there’s more on the way. It goes without saying that it’s been a long hot summer. If my plants could talk, they’d say, “Put out the fire. Get me some water.” My plants are about two weeks behind schedule. Flowers have been coming slowly in dahlialand and the [...]

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The perils of summer

Even if you love gardening, this year we had the heat and the bugs. And the humidity…and the sun. Hasn’t been pleasant at all.   The Pocono Record is fortunate because we have a one of the best weather watchers around. Ben Gelber is a meteorologist in Ohio, but his roots are in East Stroudsburg, [...]

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