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Don’t skip the seventh grade furniture lesson

One of my first assignments in junior high economics class was to figure out how to arrange living room furniture by filling in little squares on graph paper with colored pencils.  You would measure the furniture and then color in the appropriate number of squares based on those dimensions to see where everything would fit. In […]

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To paint, or not to paint

You won’t catch me saying this very often, but here goes. I should have listened to my husband. Ouch! About five years ago, we peeled the ugly wallpaper off the walls in the bathroom. It had branches on it and I kept looking for the birds. And it was peeling. Yuk. We painted the walls […]

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Why some people can’t wear white (or how to remove any stain)

Some people I know are a magnet for stains. Yes, I’ll stand and admit I’m one of them. I have numerous white turtlenecks with tea stains. O.K., maybe I need lessons in finding my mouth with my tea cup, but what I really need is to be able to remove stains. I was inspired a […]

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Just can’t get enough…vinegar

Less is better when it comes to cleaning. No, I am not talking about cleaning less frequently (though I have been known to do that).    I’m talking about the least toxic chemicals we can use to get the job done. I’ve been a big supporter of this theory because I’m allergic to most smells […]

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