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When smaller is bigger

I haven’t been writing much lately because my camera wasn’t working so I couldn’t add photos. Ok, it’s an excuse, but it’s a real one. My camera was still under warranty so I took it back to the camera shop – several times. Last time, the owner gave me his charger because the company forgot to […]

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Talking turkey right through to Christmas

If you don’t mind knowing where your meat comes from, we have some interesting videos  from our friends at Penn State University:  Did you know Pennsylvania is one of the top turkey producing states? The trend today is toward antibiotic free and organic birds and they’re white. Yes, we know most turkeys are brown in […]

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Halloween is just another missed deadline

I didn’t inherit a lot of qualities from my mother. She was tall (I’m 5 nothing), she had willpower (quit smoking, cut down on caffeine and lost weight) and she could sew without a pattern. I don’t smoke but am guilty of drinking caffeine and overeating. And I especially cannot sew with a pattern. Have trouble even […]

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