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The best turkey ever

The older I get, the easier I want things to be. Thanksgiving is no exception. The key word is streamline. My mom always made a tent of foil over the turkey. It made the skin crisp and brown while keeping the meat moist. Once she tried making it in a paper bag and the bag [...]

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Is it bread yet?

What’s the most asked question at the West End Fair? “When will you be baking bread?” I don’t know if this is the most asked question, but Norman Burger sure hears it enough. Burger, the president of the Polk Township Historical Society, says he’s hoping the bake oven at the West End Fairgrounds will be [...]

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You, too, can be part of the West End Fair

What are you doing this weekend? Good news. You have the whole weekend to plan your entries in the West End Fair. The fair is set for Aug. 26 through Sept. 1. Entries for exhibits are accepted on Aug. 25 but you have to pre-register. The deadline is Aug. 5, which falls on a [...]

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Free is always better than cheap

We had our first yard sale the summer I graduated from college. It was such a hit that during the morning, my mom and I went into the house and started pulling out more items to sell. That was 31 years ago next week. That was the year I learned people will buy anything if [...]

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Close encounters with Pocono wildlife

Monday night a WNEP TV meteorologist was doing his forecast in the backyard when a mama bear and her cubs wandered onto the set. He made a beeline for the door, knowing he wasn’t supposed to run, but he couldn’t help himself. The story had a happy ending as the critters wandered off, but I couldn’t [...]

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Decorating eggs the old-fashioned way

Today you can buy commercial egg dyes, stamps, glitter and even egg-arounds.  You know wraparounds that take all the artistry (and fun) out of decorating eggs. When I was a kid, we dipped them in food coloring. When we wanted to get really fancy, my mom got some kind of swirl stuff that you put in [...]

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Where have all the robins been?

When we see a robin in our yard, we know it’s spring. But the truth is that some robins are here throughout the winter in the woods, according to Darryl Speicher, naturalist with the Monroe County Environmental Center. “Every year we see a few here and there in the woods,” Speicher said. When yards are [...]

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Sure seems like spring

 We didn’t really have winter so you probably didn’t notice signs of spring in the Poconos.  But the birds and the critters sure did.   It was gradual, for sure, but the birds are changing. Just like the leaves change in autumn, the birds at the feeders are different. Two weeks ago I noticed goldfinches [...]

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Appreciate life and other promises

It’s that time again. I’m going to make my New Year’s resolutions public so that I’m embarrassed when I don’t keep them. It won’t help me keep them, but maybe I’ll think twice because I bared my soul.  10. Go through the mail each day. Take care of it immediately. Discard what I don’t need [...]

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Generator etiquette at its best

Just when we got comfortable again after the loss of power from Hurricane Irene, the Hallowinter storm hit, dragging down power lines. People who didn’t buy a generator before flocked to the stores Saturday and Sunday. That included my son who lives in Allentown. All the box stores were out, but one little hardware store in [...]

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