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Cool it with mulch

Heat wave number 2 or 3 is approaching, just in time for the first day of summer. How fitting. Temperatures will hit 95 Wednesday and yes, 97, on Thursday. What does that mean for your garden plants? They’ll be pretty parched, but you can help them keep their cool with a layer or two of mulch. […]

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The long winter dirt nap

This year the dahlias in the front garden looked so much better than the ones in the back garden. The difference wasn’t the amount of sun. It was the dirt. Or soil, as the fancy gardeners call it. I didn’t realize just how bad the dirt was until we dug the bulbs out this week […]

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57 varieties of weeds

I spent the weekend following an age-old May tradition. Not talking about the Kentucky Derby, but the marathon process of pulling weeds from the garden.   Alas, they are everywhere. We have the  common dandelion, Canada thistle,  possibly lambsquarters  and many to be named if I ever really get bored. I know I’m not the only […]

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