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Bye, bye garden season. Hello farm tour

The 2012 gardening season as we know it is about to end. With temperatures as low as 24 and a freeze warning,  those delicate blooms will likely not survive past tonight. That means you need to pick everything you can today. I have all my water bottles lined up for the last of the dahlias. […]

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Dahlias bring color to your garden, joy to our hearts

People always ask why we grow dahlias, especially when they hear all the work that’s involved. Answer: It’s truly a labor of love and you can get great prices on them now. In the age of the Internet and remote control, why plant dahlias that require a lot of work? Perennials and annuals are easy and […]

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Rain, rain, come again

Just when I was trying to figure out how to put in an irrigation system (better known in my  small garden as a soaker hose), it started raining. And raining. We had 4 inches in three days. And now it’s raining again. I personally love it. My garden has never been so happy. My grass has never […]

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Finally caught up with the garden

It took me all summer, but my garden is finally in shape. Just in time for frost.   OK, I still have weeds, but it’s actually at the point where I am not embarrassed to invite people to see the garden.   The dahlias are about a week or so behind last year. We’ve only […]

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Every plant should have a place

O.K. we did it again. We ended up with many more plants than we could possibly fit into any of our gardens.   We always order a few (really more than a few) new dahlias in case we lose some over the winter. That’s how we ended up with more than 120 to put in […]

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An afternoon in the garden of envy

I always said my husband Ronnie has just three passions: baseball, beagles and dahlias. No, this isn’t the marriage counseling column. He really does care about other things, like me for example. But dahlias are a huge focus for him. When we went to the mountains of North Carolina in September, he wasn’t impressed with […]

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