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Falling in love is for the birds

I’ll be the first one to tell you I’m a birdaholic. I started feeding birds about 20 years ago to entertain my cat but I was the one who became hooked.  Fortunately they have support groups for people like me. They are called Feeder Watch programs, bird counts and nature centers. Whenever I get a chance to [...]

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Frost, oh no. Say it ain’t so.

Checked the weather forecast for the Poconos and there it was: the worst word in a gardener’s vocabulary. You got it, frost. Patchy frost is in the forecast for Monday morning. In this season of extremes I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. But with the warm weather we’ve had this year, I feel like it [...]

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What’s all the fuss about chickens?

My brother Mark and his wife Kim raise chickens in their yard in Whitney Point, N.Y. They’ve got quite the nature preserve with a full garden and golden eagles sweeping down in the lake behind their house. Mark has shown up with cartons of fresh eggs, telling me that I didn’t know what I was [...]

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Things that flutter in our gardens

We all have memories from our childhood. Besides the time I was hit in the head by a falling object dropped by the neighbor kid from the tree above me, I remember the Monarch butterfly. That’s the only butterfly I knew in those days. But when I read about the butterfly count on Saturday  I realized [...]

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Death by cat

The thing about nature is that it’s not all happiness and roses. The joy of watching birds at work can quickly turn to sorrow when it’s all destroyed. I was so excited to have chickadees nesting on my deck. I pulled my chair up to the window to watch the constant interaction at the nest while [...]

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Where have all the robins been?

When we see a robin in our yard, we know it’s spring. But the truth is that some robins are here throughout the winter in the woods, according to Darryl Speicher, naturalist with the Monroe County Environmental Center. “Every year we see a few here and there in the woods,” Speicher said. When yards are [...]

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Seeing yellow in the Poconos

This time of the year is just one of the best in the Poconos because we see masses of yellow in our neighborhoods, along the roads and even lined up on the highway. Talk about a showcase. Forsythia bushes provide ribbons of color with their beautiful sweeping shape. One of my favorite spots is actually [...]

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Bulbs, weeds and varmints welcome spring

Today marks the official opening of spring, but gardeners in the Poconos knew it was spring even before they met the first robin of the season. We did set a record yesterday, and gardeners are thanking their lucky spades for what’s come so far.   Barb Daskal said her crocuses have been blooming since Feb. 27 [...]

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