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Dried tomatoes worth the wait?

Many years when I have an abundance of tomatoes, I freeze them in 2-cup containers for soups, sauces and chili.  I star by dunking them in boiling water until the skins crack, and then moving them to cold water –  the skins pop right off. I chop them and freeze. What could be easier? This year I decided to [...]

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The Great Gilbert Cover-up

The flower season is coming to an abrupt cold end.   Last Saturday I picked every dahlia bud that even gave a hint of flowering and then the great coverup began. My husband Ronnie and my friend Carol helped to cover up every dahlia. We threw tarps over some, and blankets, sheets and a few [...]

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Every plant should have a place

O.K. we did it again. We ended up with many more plants than we could possibly fit into any of our gardens.   We always order a few (really more than a few) new dahlias in case we lose some over the winter. That’s how we ended up with more than 120 to put in [...]

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