2017: Let the countdown begin

You’ve felt a different feel in the air recently. The mornings are crisp.

It’s nearly that time of year – hunting season.

You’ve shot your bow a few times by now, or have taken the shotgun out of the safe for a cleaning. Whether you are an archery hunter, muzzleloader, or small game hunter, you’ve thought about what’s coming in just a few weeks.

For me, archery deer hunting is where it’s at. I’ve been tinkering with field cameras for most of the summer. Some days have been more satisfying than others. Overall, this feels like a challenging season ahead.

If I can’t find deer in the summer, I’m hoping I can locate something worth hunting during the rut. I’m not giving up yet, though.

I’ve expanded a food plot, which I started a year ago with clover. It’s a learning process for sure, but with some hard work and help from a friend, it’s looking pretty good.

I’ve also been shooting my bow this summer. Rare for me, I’m feeling OK about how I’m shooting. We’ll see how it goes if I ever get a chance to release an arrow. Memories of last year’s poor shot are still fresh in my mind.

In the next two weeks I’ll be planning stand placements, figuring in the wind direction will be key here. I’ve got swamps to hunt and not many water features to bank on for assistance.

If I can survive the bugs during my scouting, I can get past just about anything. I keep telling myself, Sept. 30 is another day closer.

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On the hunt for a bear

Monday, Nov. 4th, marked the start of the 2013 bear archery hunt in Pennsylvania.

Mike Kuhns is in pursuit of his first bear ever, but the challenge is even greater with a bow. Follow his progress as he reports in.

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Connecting on an 8-point buck

On Tuesday Nov. 5, I connected on this 8-point buck. The shot at 6:30 a.m. was about 22 yards. Equipment used: PSE bow (69 pounds), Beman arrows, T3 broadheads, Realtree camo, Code Blue and buck bomb doe in estrous.

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Using a mock scrape to lure a buck

The deer season has added a new phase, the chase. The rut is right around the corner and bucks are on the move looking for does. A hunter’s best chance at success may include a mock scrape to lure in a buck.

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Staying sharp for bowhunting season

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Terwilliger shares scent control tip for hunters

Jim Terwilliger provides an important tip about scent control during early bow-hunting season. He talks about how he uses natural scents from pine, walnuts, and leaves to get the “house smell” off his equipment.

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Getting the Gobbler With Hunter Wallis

This spring I had the opportunity to go on a spring gobbler hunt with three-time junior national champion turkey caller Hunter Wallis and my good friend Jason Farmer. Hunter is a fantastic caller (obviously), but at 16 he is one of the smartest hunters I’ve been in the woods with. The three of us had a great time, had a fantastic encounter and harvested a terrific bird.

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Tuning Your Archery Skills for Hunting Season

The start of the archery season is about a week away. It’s time to fine tune every little detail, including your shot. Here’s a trick to make sure you are right on target when it counts.

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Chasing the Elusive Whitetail


This fall I have decided to add a twist to the upcoming hunting season, a video diary. You will be able to follow along with me on a regular basis throughout my hunting season. But there’s more. This isn’t just a space for me, it’s for you. Included in this video diary will be people from all over, and we all have one interest – hunting! So follow along with me for what should be an interesting 2013 hunting season.





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