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Mange infected coyote may be in Hemlock Farms

  A possible mangy coyote has been seen in Hemlock Farms Community Association and officials there are asking community members to report any sightings of the animal. Mange is a contagious skin disease caused by parasitic mites. It  can be transmitted to other animals, and according to the flyer posted in Hemlock Farms, in rare […]

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Hemlock Farms turns 50

AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, has a way of startling people turning 50 by sending them an unsolicited AARP card in the mail. The usual reaction is, “But, I’m too young for an AARP card!” followed by, “How did they know?” The cards are for people, not organizations. Otherwise Hemlock Farms would have […]

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Few likes for Pike prison

Facebook isn’t just for people. Pages for businesses are becoming more common. The Pocono Record has a facebook page where you can find links to stories. Facebook for stores or restaurants make sense. The Forklift Café in Dingmans Ferry, which has 583 facebook “Likes,” used facebook to post specials this week, including peanut butter and […]

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9/11 steel arrives in Pike County

Chunks of metal from the World Trade Center have been parceled out to every state in the country to be placed in a variety of memorials. A piece of the revered steel is already on display in Pike County, in the private community of Hemlock Farms. This week a 100 pound piece was delivered to […]

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Jobs: not in our back yard this time

That Wisconsin paper company bringing some 40 jobs to Stroud Township? It could have been in Pike County. When Northwoods Paper Converting of Beaver Dam, Wis. wanted to expand to the eastern part of the country, company, officials looked first in Pike County. It was where they wanted to be, Pike County Economic Development Authority […]

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Magazine celebrates Blooming Grove Supervisor’s career

Fred Hatton was featured in Pennsylvania Township News magazine this month in an article that celebrated his 30 years as a Blooming Grove Supervisor. Hatton, 72, became supervisor after retiring from a 20-year military career and returning to his boyhood home. In the Army, Hatton had worked on one of the nation’s first general-purpose computers. […]

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Pike ICE review: top immigration detention center in nation

Congressman Tom Marino will be at the Pike County Correctional Facility Oct. 1 to deliver a letter of commendation for the center’s 2011 review rating. The facility received a superior rating from Immigration and Customs Enforcement during its annual review in January. Superior is the top rating. Other possible ratings are good, acceptable, deficient, at […]

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Hemlock Farms docudrama

Important stuff gets written down. Born? That’s a birth certificate. Madly in love? That’s a marriage license. Break into a whoopee pie factory, set off the security system and get caught with a fist full of frosting? That’s a police report. The records of our lives are proof that something significant happened. Most often, it’s […]

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