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Lack of services keeps new businesses from settling in Pike

Pike County Economic Alliance director Michael Sullivan promises that plentyof businesses pursue planting a plant in Pike. “I have a greater problem finding locations than potential interested parties,” Sullivan said. Pike’s location, on interstate 84, is ideal for truck access to the eastern seaboard and beyond. “We have been successful in attracting new businesses interest [...]

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Pike County Hands of Hope reaching out for volunteers

Organizers of Pike County Hands of Hope have been looking through a stack of contact sheets that were filled out by wannabe volunteers at last week’s public meeting. The newly forming non-profit agency will respond to the needs of homeless families and individuals in Pike County. Eventually, the group would like to provide a homeless [...]

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Few likes for Pike prison

Facebook isn’t just for people. Pages for businesses are becoming more common. The Pocono Record has a facebook page where you can find links to stories. Facebook for stores or restaurants make sense. The Forklift Café in Dingmans Ferry, which has 583 facebook “Likes,” used facebook to post specials this week, including peanut butter and [...]

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Bunny suit, prayer and freedom from religion in Pike County

  Delaware Township taxpayers will soon own a $300 bunny suit, ordered through the recreation committee, to be used during the springtime egg hunt. Did you notice? I didn’t say Easter. As a Christian, my understanding of Easter involves Jesus — not abunny — conquering tortured death. But put a chocolate bunny in front of [...]

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Missing air vents delay Pike training complex

Somewhere in Jordan(Yes, the country) two large air handlers are being assembled from American made parts. The air handlers belong on the on the roof of the Pike County Training complex, connected to the building’s geothermal heating system. The $11 million project is not complete without those air suckers. That is a problem. The Blooming [...]

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Looking back at Pike County news of 2011

Reviewing the year in news, this is a month by month look at the stories that has us talking in 2011. January A bank robber made off  with more than $8,000 from Wachovia Bank in Matamoras. Suspect James Heller, was arrested in a car chase a few days later. Heller is representing himself in court. [...]

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Become a firefighting hero

An eye catching sign on Milford Road, “Action heroes needed,” recruits volunteers for Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Department. Wikipedia defines an action hero as “A character, usually a protagonist, in an action-adventure novel, film, television show, or game.” But this is real life, making the tasks these volunteers carry out far more intense than a [...]

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Pike commissioners in high spirits day after election

Karl Wagner, Rich Caridi and Matt Osterberg were voted in as Pike County Commissioners for 2012-2016 term. Here, Caridi does the goofy “Pike County Proud” move that he and Osterberg perfected in their television commercials. Commissioners held an eight minute regular meeting Wednesday and were in high spirits as both incumbants, Wagner and Caridi retained [...]

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Seminar: Marcellus Shale can help Pike business

There is no drilling for oil or gas in Pike County, but that doesn’t mean the gas industry should be overlooked by local business owners. The Pike County Economic Development and Pike County Chamber of Commerce is offering a free seminar, “Learn how your business can profit from marcellus shale.” Tim Kelsey, Professor of Agriculture [...]

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Pike Commissioner candidates use facebook differently

If Facebook “likes” were votes and the election were held today, here is how the Pike County commissioners’ race would shake out: 155 likes: Pam Lutfy for Pike County Commissioner 83 likes: The Committee to elect Caridi and Osterberg for Pike County Commissioners 54 likes: Karl Wagner for Pike County Commissioner Together, 292 people have [...]

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