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Saw Creek food drive

Saw Creek Estates in Bushkill will hold a food drive from Oct. 15 through Nov. 18 for canned goods and non-perishable items. To participate, bring your donation to the Saw Creek member services office. Bushkill Outreach will distribute the goods to families in need. For more information, please contact the Saw Creek member services at [...]

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Don’t look to facebook for community information

Facebook Poster: “Hemlock Farms sucks.” Hemlock Farms: “Why don’t you say that to my face?” That exchange was on the Hemlock Farms Community Association facebook page this week. It has been deleted. Sorry to say, I don’t recall the name of the grown man who posted the insult. The response from the Hemlock Farms facebook [...]

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Nathan geeks out over Pike private community map

As a member of the hound family, Nathan navigates by nose so he figured he didn’t need maps. But not all maps are designed for wayfinding. He has spent hours studying a reference map showing Pike County’s residential developments. The map, showing all planned communities with more than 15 lots, was made by the Pike [...]

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Hemlock Farms docudrama

Important stuff gets written down. Born? That’s a birth certificate. Madly in love? That’s a marriage license. Break into a whoopee pie factory, set off the security system and get caught with a fist full of frosting? That’s a police report. The records of our lives are proof that something significant happened. Most often, it’s [...]

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