A new Secret Decorative feature in Each individual Company

In numerous businesses, many companies seem to function by simply an fully varied place of restrictions derived out of small business investigation together with converse on varied text as compared to those computer system or aviation services section of the very enterprise. That partition is definitely rather man made and to a degree kept right up by the i . t individuals by themselves expected to a new specific society engineering most people include relating to their whole certain material and even plan web sites . But on heart, all those odd most people down throughout information technological know-how include equivalent aims seeing that each other company man or woman who is to come to be effective equally alone and also retail on articulation businesses.
However , the of united states in the organization edge associated with the business setting might depend on the computer visitors to now let us discover how counts are moving with that vastly costly optimistic element which inturn we still have around our technology schemes, software and hardware . Nearly all medium sized towards large organisations perform incredibly lofty knack computer systems or perhaps substantial statistics of personal computers attached within a set connected with associations together with those systems should carry out at optimum capability everyday to achieve the aims of the particular supplier portrayed in the commercial schedule.
The main changing and even protecting income to get the computer systems which employment your organization certainly make up the modestly considerable percent connected with internet business economic portion on an annual basis. However, simply because people schemes are everything that produce you extreme in often the market that asset warrants the financial situation to assurance the fact that the paper necessary jobs those authoritative techniques carry out get implemented promptly weekly and calendar month.
When some sort of desktop computer starts off to show signs of spraining underneath the unwanted weight regarding task, we could providing that that could become a contributing factor regarding very important strain for one company. If your firm archetype utters the weight about targeted visitors or even structure tools can be pushed to help promote as compared to what the main computers may possibly do with the presented precessing authority, which weak stage inside the tips technology structure symbolizes a major danger towards the business have got to the scheme become overburdened when there is a massive body involving toil that will be applied by those mechanisms.
Just what exactly not every single company man or women recognizes would be the fact there could possibly be a new secret enjoy of working out capability chances are dwelling inside your IT resources which simply is certainly not getting attacked that will it’s top dataroom. An individual recognize that it is not really uncommon just for your information technology professionals in order to that your current techniques are at forty to 80 percent efficiency and really should come to be improved upon to manage the particular making it enormous advancement with firm.
Currently, a big essential oil internet business with the Center Western side observed out that several with it’s task crucial functions were being deferred within considering out evidently due to the overburdened personal pc strategies including too terrible warrant of a high priced and time period spending refurbishment.
Such mystery treasure is usually a restraint which has essentially been recently just concerning regarding somewhat a time nonetheless is normally uncommonly discovered in often the current trade field. Such control is normally identified while capacity preparing. By performing some sort of capability arranging home office and even watching objective, an individual could place the tools and also the flair on location in order to adequately determine methodically if your computer arrangements are at capacity for in the event there is definitely a demand intended for structure adjusting as well as rearrangement of computing timetables to become more outside of often the strategies one sustain possess .

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After all of these years, I finally went in…

I have seen this little place for years, never thinking to go in.

 Having some time to kill waiting for my girls dance class to end, I finally did.





Boy, am I happy I did. It is like a fantasy world in there!

 This Summer, my little girls and I plan on transforming a patch of soil in the front of our house that is far too shaded to provide life to any plant, or flower, in to a fairy garden.

The Potting Shed has fairy homes, and furniture for them. There are toad stools for sitting under, and bridges to travel across from one fairy land to another.

I’m not sure who is going to enjoy this more…the girls, or me!

The Potting Shed. 931 Ann Street, in Stroudsburg.



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Stroll through time…









When I have the time (chuckle) or if I need to get away from my family, and steal a moment of peace and quiet, my favorite thing to do is get a cup of coffee, and walk around Olde Engine Works Market Place, in Stroudsburg.

The building itself is amazing. There are a bazillion vendors selling antiques, and collectibles, and vintage items.

I purchased a desk there a few years ago, and a little red chair. The red chair had a match, but I only bought one. I often think about that poor lonely red chair, and even returned to find it, with the hope of reuniting it with its mate, but no such luck.

There are canisters, and cookbooks, and salt and pepper shakers, and lunch boxes, and old toys, records, and old school fur capes, and books, and huge pieces of important furniture.

I could go on and on, and the place actually does. Aisle after aisle of finds.

Grab some coffee, and have a quiet stroll. The music is groovy, and no one bothers you. It is quiet, and magical.

My favorite little escape.

Olde Engine Works Market Place

62 N. 3rd Street

Stroudsburg, PA



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Turkey with a side of sugar plums.


After a LOT of turkey, and leftover turkey, and turkey soup, Christmas began for us at The Shawnee Playhouse.

The Nutcracker Ballet is being performed on Sunday evenings, and Monday mornings through December 16th. Tickets are still available. Call the Playhouse at 570.421.5093. Or go to their website. theshawneeplayhouse.com and purchase your seats there.

A magical way to begin your holiday season!

The Shawnee Playhouse

552 River Road, Shawnee on Deleware, PA

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Snydersville Diner kind of morning.

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All in a day.

Last week, I joined my daughter Charlotte’s 3rd grade class trip to Quiet Valley.

I forgot just how squishy school buses are. And LOUD.

We have been there so many times, in the Spring, to see all of the baby animals, but I have never been in any of the buildings, other than the barn. It was amazing, and I had no idea how much I was going to enjoy it.

That’s the mouser. Friendly little guy.

This little farmhouse was so dark inside, and cozy. Stone walls and wide plank wood floors that creaked made it even more magical. There was a fire going. It smelled wonderful.

We heard all about life on the farm, and how terribly hard it was. To imagine how these people came here to Pennsylvania, settled, and literally had to make everything out of nothing, from their clothes, and homes, to every thing they ate was exhausting.

I couldn’t help but think how easy we have it, the entire time I was there. Even the thread for your clothes, and the material had to be made. Making breakfast was a production unto itself.

Those were hardy people. We have it so good.


Then, I was shot back into the future, and just a few hours later, I went on a date with my husband to hear some music.

Yes!!! Yes we did!

We very rarely get to go out, and I cannot remember the last time I went to hear music. Seeing Greg Allman was a treat. I love him, and have never seen him or the brothers, so this was a big deal for me.

We even went out for drinks before!

We hit Floods, and Sarah Street Grill.

I even cried when Greg Allman sang Sweet Melissa. I just love that song.

And I got a kick out of my hair still smelling like the smoke from the fireplace at Quiet Valley.

It was a really great Tuesday.


Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm 347 Quiet Valley Road, Stroudsburg PA.

Sherman Theater 524 Main Street, Stroudsburg, PA.

Floods 732 Main Street, Stroudsburg, PA.

Sarah Street Bar & Grill 550 Quaker Alley, Stroudsburg PA

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Scenes from a weekend…

Friday started off at Josie Porter Farm.

The late Fall light was magical.

So was the smell of the fire.

Josie Porter Farm

6514 Cherry Valley Road, Stroudsburg.


After a Saturday morning coffee date with David, while my girls danced,

at Ms. Katy’s Dance,

located at 940 Anne Street, in Stroudsburg,

We strolled on Main Street and stopped in to one of David’s favorite spots,

Main Street Jukebox.

I  love looking at album covers. I could do it for hours.

Then we went pumpkin picking.

This year, we went someplace different. We couldn’t take the ride to our usual patch, because our car needs brakes. Badly.

So we went someplace a little closer to home.

  Memorytown USA.

We have passed by that place so many times, and have never gone.

So we finally did.

There was barbecuing going on. And music playing. Groovy little place.

432 Grange Road, in Mount Pocono.


Then on the ride home, this happened…

More on that in a day or two.

I am still trying to mentally recover from the cardboard box on the side of the road discovery.


Last but not least..a really stunning sunset, over the lake in my neighborhood.

It was blinding.

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Something you might know, and something you probably don’t.

Jimmy’s Ice Cream. I have passed by it only about a bazillion times, but I have never thought to go in.

Until…last night.

I was craving a sweet, and after dropping one child at Pocono Youth Orchestra, and the other at Brownies, I saw my chance.

There was a bit of a crowd, which surprised me.

The man behind the counter smiled, and asked if it was my first time there.


He asked me what flavors I like, and I said I like chocolatey, caramel, coffee, goodness.

He gave me a sample of the cappuccino gelato, which I quickly decided to have. He then asked if I would like another flavor in the same cup. I could have more than one, he explained, for the same price!

Salted caramel was my second choice.

He was actually Jimmy, of Jimmy’s Ice Cream. And everything in the place is 100% homemade.

I grabbed a corner table, so I could indulge, and people watch.

I am usually a day late, and a dollar short for most things, so I am sure most of you know about this place, but if you don’t, it’s located at 1113 North Ninth Street, across from Weis Market, in Stroudsburg.

He told me he was making Cannoli gelato today.

This could become a very bad habit.


And now for something I bet you didn’t know.

Did you know that Great Bear Golf Club, located at 1 Great Bear Way, in East Stroudsburg, has Pasta night on Thursdays, and that it is unbelievably delicious, and anyone can go there, and eat?

I didn’t.

Check out the view!

The chef cooks to order your choice of pasta and whatever you want in it, right before your eyes. There is a gigantic salad bar, and dessert bar, and you can eat as much as you want.

I had clams and shrimp in mine.

And cheese. Oh how I love cheese.

The amount of food you get in comparison to price, is a steal. Plus, there is a kids price as well. There is something for everybody. Any kind of sauce, even chicken parmigiana.

You can order appetizers too.

Pasta night at Great Bear Golf Club is every Thursday. They also have a beautiful fine dining room that I don’t think too many folks are aware of, but is a perfect spot for a romantic night out. The menu is beautifully done, and they also have an extensive wine list.

For directions, call 570.223.2000

I just realized that I started this blog post with dessert, and ended with the main course. Hmm…very telling.

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My morning coffee.

All I have been hearing about is Cafe Duet in the Courthouse Square, in Stroudsburg. So, after dropping Molly off at pre-school this morning, I found a parking spot right by this cute little place.

And I mean little.

Boy am I happy I did.

The owner, Daniel, could not have been friendlier. The space is insane. It is exactly like the cute little coffee shop of my dreams!

I ordered a cappuccino. It came in a big cup and saucer. The foam had a feather pattern on it! A feather pattern!! This is a really big deal for me. I drink coffee made in an old Mr. Coffee maker, every morning. I am not loyal to any one brand. I am loyal to my wallet, so this translates into a cup of whatever is on sale at the store. Yesterdays’ cup had no sugar in it because I am all out.

So a cup of cappuccino in a lovely cup and saucer, with a feather design on it was a decadent treat. And the price was nice too, for a little splurge on myself. It was $2.25. I’ll take it!

I sat in the small area in the back, that has cafe tables set up. I chose a little round bistro table and a bench, by the window, overlooking an outdoor seating area that looks like it could be in Paris.

Music was playing on…wait for it.. A RECORD PLAYER! Yes!!! Real vinyl. Real cappuccino. And one of the most wonderful mornings I have had to myself in quite some time.

GO, to Cafe Duet. I hope to be able to indulge in some of their baked goods, or granola. I can’t wait to try their soups and salads. Maybe that could be a nice lunch date for myself in the months to come. You can even sit at the window and look out onto the square, and I bet when the snow is falling, which sadly, will be soon, it will really be cozy.

www.cafeduetpa.com is their website. They are at 35 N.7th Street. 570.431.3442

SO happy this little jewel has opened in our town.

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