Don’t overlook deer’s sense of hearing

We’ve all been busted in the deer woods at some time in our lives.

There’s nothing worse than having a deer snort at you. I did this year – 100 yards away straight downwind I heard the unmistakable sound of a deer alarming the forest that something wasn’t right. Of all the senses, beating a deer’s sense of smell can be the toughest.

And then there’s sight. I’ve been pegged in my tree plenty of times, too. Slight movements, or what I thought were slight movements, turn into a deer raising his tail and bounding away. With all the specialized camo on the market, one would think we could hide just about anywhere – snow drift, hay field, swamp edge, you get the point. But if a hunter moves at the wrong time – it’s game over.

The sense that sometimes gets overlooked is hearing.

Some noises in the woods are perfectly normal. The sounds of a hunter walking through leaves, while not an ideal situation, is perfectly normal to some deer.

But what’s isn’t normal? First in my book is anything metal. Years ago I had a safety harness which clipped between my legs. As I walked a small ticking sound could be heard. I might as well have been playing the trumpet.

I wrapped the clips with duct tap and I was set to go.

I’m also careful with my release against my climber or ladder stands. These stands are also being designed with deadening metals which kill sound. I don’t own one of these stands yet, but I may someday. They also make a sound-deadening tape. Go figure.

A little noise at the wrong time can send that shooter buck in the opposite direction pretty easily.

So if you want to better your chances in the woods, look at all three senses. But in particular, ask yourself if you’re being as quiet as you should be? If not, you may be hurting your chances before you even get to your stand.






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