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2016! Here I come … soon

Pennsylvania’s early archery season is less than a month away. A part of me says daily, I want the season to start tomorrow. The other part says, I’m not ready. It’s the never ending tug-o-war that goes on with many hunters I suppose. My first battle of the hunting season usually starts over the summer [...]

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Keep mid-morning and afternoon options open

I’m hearing the frustration. I got an email the other day from a turkey hunter, which in part summed up what many are feeling: “where are they hiding?” Another message: “they’re super henned up.” Whatever the reason, finding a spring gobbler in the middle of May is no easy chore. There is nothing worse than [...]

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No such thing as perfect spring gobbler plan

To be honest, my Thursday morning did not go as planned. Such is spring gobbler hunting. There are times each spring where I find myself wandering. A half hour later I’m left scratching my head, wondering if I’m hunting or just taking my shotgun for a walk. I’m not afraid to walk, although my friends [...]

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Rainy days and turkeys

I’m guilty as charged. I’ve heard the raindrops on the roof and decided to turn off the alarm and drift off back to sleep. What a mistake. There’s a time in every hunter’s life where you are left with tough choices. Climb a gruesome hill. Cross some slippery rocks streamside. And, oh yes, hunt in [...]

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Chasing gobblers a sign of spring

Many of us start the day the same way, being awakened by a loud, annoying buzzer. For a turkey hunter, a 4 a.m. alarm is nothing new. But there is a silver lining – the chance of a very heart-pounding blast of a gobble isn’t far away. If you have never heard a turkey gobble, [...]

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Take aim at a coyote

Usually by this time we’ve seen the snow fly and 20-degree days have arrived. Not this year. If you are a hunter and have some time to, ah, kill, why not head to the woods for a little coyote hunting. It can be a lot of fun, and the action comes surprisingly quick. Last spring [...]

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Chances of landing a buck dwindling

If you are lucky enough to have tagged a deer this season, stand up and take a bow. For the rest of Pennsylvania’s hunters, the final day of the two-week rifle season on Saturday Dec. 12 may be the best chance to take that buck of a lifetime. Most hunters have hopes that a big [...]

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Black bears: Pennsylvania’s majestic animal

I’ve had a fascination with bears for some time. Amazing animals if you ask me. Some can grow very large in Pennsylvania, but can run upwards of 25 miles per hour, can climb way up a tree, swim across a lake or river, and sometimes act like they don’t have a care in the world. [...]

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Two bucks, one doe and no luck

When you were a kid, you played a game called “tag.” It was a simple game – there was home base and you ran around in circles trying to avoid the person who was “it.” On Wednesday, I witnessed the whitetail deer’s version of tag. Two bucks versus one doe and there was no home [...]

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‘Burning the candle’

Time. It’s a precious thing, they say. For a hunter, it’s everything. For a hunter who works, time in the woods can be quite limited. For me, my time gets crunched on both ends — up early to hunt, grab a quick 45 minute nap, and then off to work for a shift that often [...]

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