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Every hunter has a story


Show me a successful deer hunter and I’ll show you a person with a story. And with every successful hunt, the story is always different. Nov. 7 was like many other mornings this time of year – maybe a few degrees warmer than usual and a breeze that couldn’t make up its mind – but [...]

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It’s time to stop Saw Creek cull

I’ve sat quietly on the sideline so far. I’ve seen small groups form with the help of social media and a cause they deem worth speaking out against. I’ve done my best to understand both sides – those who support the deer cull in Saw Creek Estates and those who oppose it. Today, there is [...]

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An experiment with a positive reaction

This rub was made 10 feet from a mock scrape.

We’ve all heard the saying, for every action there is a reaction. It’s true for hunting tactics as well. Yes, sometimes we hope the reactions come sooner – we use grunt tubes and rattle horns in hopes of luring a buck to investigate. We use scents to attract deer, camo to hide from them and [...]

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Archery hunting on rise – and it’s no surprise

Archery hunting in Pennsylvania is bucking the trend. While the sales of general hunting licenses continue to dip at a rate of approximately 10 percent in the last decade, the sales of archery licenses is on the rise. Surprised? We shouldn’t be. In 2016, the Pennsylvania Game Commission sold 612,000 licenses. Of those hunters, 327,000 [...]

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More to the hunt than the kill

Hobbies, I’ve got a couple. I fish a little and I play a little golf (not very well, mind you). But I love to hunt. Some people may think it’s all about the kill – taking down a whitetail buck, a black bear or spring gobbler must be the highlight, right? Well, sorta. Don’t get [...]

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Cameras work if you don’t pressure them


Around July 4 the photos begin the trickle in. If you’re a hunter in Pennsylvania, you know what I’m talking about. “Look at this one!” or “I wonder if this is the buck from last year?” It’s fun time in the Pennsylvania woods. It’s the time of year when trail cameras begin to shape the [...]

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Close isn’t always good enough

As I walked out of the woods on Saturday, I felt like I had done everything I could. Yes, I wasn’t pulling a whitetail behind me, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort. I was close to releasing an arrow on a fine 8-point buck on a chilly 18-degree Saturday morning, but as many [...]

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The chase is on for whitetail hunters

Early November – it is arguably the best time of year to hunt whitetails in Pennsylvania. The start of the rut is in full swing this week – a phase many call the chase phase. It’s a time of year where it’s not uncommon for archery hunters to see bucks, especially young bucks, cruise through [...]

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Next! Passing on deer a challenge

When the deer antler restrictions went into effect in Pennsylvania in 2002, I didn’t know how to feel about it. I was a fan of the possibility of shooting larger-racked deer, but could it really happen? I think it’s safe to say that the biologists were right, and that antler restrictions have worked quite well. [...]

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Have an exit plan

One of the best pieces of advice was given to me years ago: Never let the deer know you are hunting them. It seems so simple, but yet the concept rings so true. It’s also easier said than done. I am guilty of educating more than one deer in my lifetime. I’ve also learned some [...]

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