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Have an exit plan

One of the best pieces of advice was given to me years ago: Never let the deer know you are hunting them. It seems so simple, but yet the concept rings so true. It’s also easier said than done. I am guilty of educating more than one deer in my lifetime. I’ve also learned some [...]

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What to do first? The laundry!

About this time every year I make a checklist. If you’re a hunter, you’ve been there. You go through all of your gear — ropes, lights, batteries, broadheads, clothing, boots and the list goes on and on. In fact, making the list can be quite maddening. The one item that can be easily overlooked is [...]

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You only get 1 shot

About 10 years ago, I had a chance at a tremendous buck. I remember like it was yesterday. It was a big deer, big body, tall, white rack. He ran at me so fast I barely had time to blink, yet alone hook my release to my string, aim and shoot. And just like that [...]

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2017: Let the countdown begin

You’ve felt a different feel in the air recently. The mornings are crisp. It’s nearly that time of year – hunting season. You’ve shot your bow a few times by now, or have taken the shotgun out of the safe for a cleaning. Whether you are an archery hunter, muzzleloader, or small game hunter, you’ve [...]

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Cold has my spirits on ice

My energy level has a tendency to hit rock bottom at this time of year. It’s cold outside. The days are short. And let’s face it, many of us have been hunting since early October. Throw in trail camera season, summer scouting and hanging stands, and it’s a six-month hunting season. So, by time Christmas [...]

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My little yellow reminder

Every time I go hunting I can’t help but look. On the side of my backpack is my untouched tag. Multiple tags actually. Buck tag. Doe tag. Bear tag. All untouched and perfectly folded in my license holder. It’s like an ugly zit that won’t go away. In the early archery season, I had some [...]

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Look out for yourself first

Some days I feel like I should have my head examined. If you’re a hunter, or a fisherman for that matter, we’ve all asked ourselves, “why did I do that?.” There’s days where you drag yourself out of bed, or rush home from work early to get a few hours in the woods before dark. [...]

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A shot at High Flier

It was Monday morning and I hopped out of bed with a little enthusiasm. OK, it was 4:20 am, so hopped may be a stretch. Needless to say, I was anxious to hit the woods. It’s Nov. 7 and my trail cameras are showing some daytime movement for the last week. My wife and I [...]

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It’s OK to dream big in November


If you are a hunter in northeastern Pennsylvania, the last two weeks of the deer archery season can bring some of the highest expectations. And when those expectations aren’t met, well, that’s another feeling altogether. Yes, the rut is in full swing here and with it comes dreams of big-racked bucks marching through swamps, forests, [...]

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Tough to keep emotions in check

Emotions get the best of us sometimes. It’s hard to control anger or frustration in everyday situations, but in the woods the same holds true. On Tuesday morning, I had one of those days that will stick with me the entire year. It was one of the coldest mornings of the year with lows in [...]

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