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Jacqueline Damian

Jacqueline Damian is a writer and editor living in Milford, PA. The author of "Sasha’s Tail: Lessons from a Life with Cats" (W.W. Norton), she has worked in newspapers, magazines, book publishing and technology journalism.

Debbie, Carrie, Mom and me

Carrie Fisher dedicated her final book, “The Princess Diarist,” to her mother, whom she thanked “for being too stubborn and thoughtful to die” after a health scare in 2012. “I love you, but that whole emergency, almost dying thing, wasn’t funny. Don’t even THINK about doing it again in any form,” Fisher wrote. Now, of […]

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It really is a wonderful life

The Atlantic magazine just ran an article examining my favorite Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” from the specific angle of banking. It seems the classic 1946 film, which I watch every holiday season, still has a lot to tell us about predatory lenders, foreclosures and payday loans. There are more Mr. Potters, the greedy […]

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Sugar and spice and everything nice for Christmas

Some of my friends take part in cookie exchanges, or parties where you bring an oversupply of your own best Christmas cookies and swap them for cookies that others have baked. Everyone walks away with a mound of cookies of types they might not make on their own. I got invited to a cookie swap […]

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Making a list, checking it twice

I happened to be in a local store on Saturday, idly searching for I didn’t know what—anything that might strike me as a good gift for someone on my Christmas list. Not that I had an actual written list, only a vague thought that I had yet to buy anything for A, B or C. […]

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It’s not easy being green

All summer and fall, as my husband and I worked on various home improvement projects, we set aside metals in a minor heap on the back patio. Last week, before the snow fell, we hauled them to a local recycler. Metal prices have plummeted, even for copper and brass. The technician weighed what we had, […]

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Hooray for Hollywood

When my husband and I were courting, many moons ago, we used to go to the movies every Monday night without fail. The Cineplex nearest to where we lived offered some kind of Monday special that we took advantage of to see almost everything that came out, starting with “The Scent of a Woman.” Hooh-ah! […]

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All in the family

I envy people who know their family histories going way back—or at least, “way back” by American standards, which essentially means 18th century. (Was there life before 1776?) My first husband’s family, for example, had deep roots in New England. He was named for an ancestor who was prominent during the American Revolution. I’m reading […]

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God save the queen

“Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl,” sang the Beatles, “but she doesn’t have a lot to say.” Turns out they were right, if we are to believe a new and mesmerizing TV series about the reign of Elizabeth II. “The Crown,” a Netflix original series that’s catnip for those of us who sat glued to […]

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Do senior discounts mess with your head?

The year I turned 55, my cousin, who is younger, drily wrote a note on my birthday card. “Welcome to the world of senior discounts,” she said. That same birthday, a slightly older friend enthused that now I too would get reduced fare on city buses. She lived in San Francisco. I lived in a […]

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Painting to beat the weather

Here we are with the weather beginning to turn, the leaves drifting in colorful swirls and the election right around the corner—and my husband and I are still not done with our endless porch renewal project. We figure on finishing up this week, and there’s an urgency to the deadline. Snow has already fallen in […]

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