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Sometimes, like most of us will do, I just get caught up and lost in the endless day to day to day stuff . Its a lot like running downhill. Gravity carries you faster and faster, until you are going at such a speed, that any hesitation or pause will bring you head over knees. And everything around you is nothing but a blur. But sooner or later Ill hit the bottom and take pause. It is then that all that momentum finally catches up to me and I can breathe, and I also can reflect a little on what I just did coming down the mountain so to speak.
I had one of those moments on my way home from work tonight. While listening to the rough mix of our King Dead record for 8000th time. All of the sudden it dawned on me…oh shit I’m finally making a record. Which then lead to this thought, for the 1st time in over 15 years I’m actually in a band again. One I like enough to put my heart in it, I haven’t felt this way since my 1st and only other significant band a couple of lifetimes ago. And we never got that far, to put out a record. We recorded, but that was it. Played a bunch of fun shows sure, but it all ended too quickly for me, and not long after for the rest of the band. Everyone went on to other things, musical and not, and went on with their lives and all. Life happens right?
And the thought train rolled on, like a freight train really. In just a few weeks, 3/8 in fact, we will be not only playing with band I really like, I will be shooting the 6th episode of MY SHOW Live with King Buffalo. Like, holy sh*t, I shoot and record my own rock video shows now. If you had told me I would be doing all this back around 1996 I would have thought you were nuts! At that point rock video shows were just artifacts of a bygone era. The best you could hope for was a decent video clip tor two onĀ  crappy MTV. And that was going to be lip synced and back tracked no doubt. LAME! As someone who grew up working for live bands, and watching great live rock shows on regular TV in the 70s, I always lamented the absence of that in recent decades. But I’m going to change all that, or least that’s my goal. To bring back live rock video shows, featuring great bands, whether you’ve heard of them or not. Believe me, I could spend my money on much more sensible or practical things, according to many around me. As far as I’m concerned, Ive wasted my money on much lesser things, trust me. Because at the heart of it all, or at least at the heart of all Ive ever been about, is the music. And that’s what I am bringing to you people out there reading this, all 7 of you or whatever, great bands playing live, and shot/recorded with respect to what its all about. The Music. Thats not just MY job, its MY life…music. Real music, loud music, heavy music… oh and $3beers! But seriously, who could want anything more?!!? Well, I could use a few new cymbals. But I digress heh
Rock lives!

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