Had quite a week, brought 4 great bands to town in the last week or so. Shot the latest and upcoming episode of MY SHOW Live last week with King Buffalo, really cool band from Rochester NY. Then had Lionize, Kingsnake, and Lorg in for a show the other night. And in related news, my band King Dead, also played with King Buffalo on the shoot, finalized and put our 1st record into production as well. All this was done live at The Living Room on Main Street in Stroudsburg, a room I think that has some of the best natural acoustics in the area when leveled correctly. Which is why we insisted on recording our record live there in fact.

In unrelated for the most part news, I also experienced my 1st live performance on a theater stage in a live stage production. Probably the most terrifying 5 minutes of my drumming career ha!. I thank Kevin Gallagher and producer David Schappert, the producer of The Irish…and How They Got That Way,  for this both wonderful and harrowing experience. Truly challenging and thrilling all the same. Its running at The Shawnee Playhouse Theater until 3/23 I believe, check their website for details and info if you are so inclined.

But back to the point, MY SHOW Live… Its starting to gain some traction, not only with people in attendance, but also with support of The Sherman Theater, and with the level of talent I am seeking to bring in. Im in contact with some “bigger” acts to hopefully have in over the next few months and summer, and they are going well. Which leads me to the focal point of what I am trying to say here in this commentary, and with MY SHOW Live in general really. Its a thought that keeps running in my head all the time when pondering the ins and outs of a live rock video show, “Good isn’t good enough, it has to be great”. And I think I’ve set a pretty high bar for the show with the featured acts already. The Atomic Bitchwax, Kingsnake, Alax Rasputin and Co., The Stargazer Lilies, and the soon to be produced King Buffalo episode. All amazing bands, who gave great performances, wonderfully mixed by my partner in show, Dave Reiser of Rock Hard Studios. My childish posterior motive to having such incredible talent on MY SHOW being, I want upcoming bands to be thinking, wow..we better get our sh*t together if we wanna be on this show. And thats how it should be. Its how I feel when I have these bands on, or work shows at the theater, that wow, we have to get our shit together so we can play with these guys someday. And I think our 1st record is a big step in that direction. But I digress…
There is another component to all this that keeps coming back to me, that I’d like to impart. I strongly feel that in the larger sense, this is the mission of both The Living Room and MY SHOW Live. To bridge a gap between the large venue in our town, and the lack of smaller venues in the area for an original rock band to play. And in our case, be broadcast online captured in their truest and most sincere environment, live onstage, or floor to be precise. With great respect for what makes a band great, their music played live. No smoke and mirrors, no diversions or distractions, just live up close and very very personal. Its friggin musical Nirvana to me. And this gap I mention, contains a whole universe, of unknown to the masses, fantastic musical entities. Who are great enough to be displayed, but still feasibly affordable to procure. I’ll confess here, that my long term hope is some of these bands remember us as they ascend the concert hierarchy, and come back to return the favor so to speak. Which also brings me to my next point in a somewhat veiled way.

While it’s true we have definitely grown in attendance and local presence, and lets be honest, how can I not know my target audience around here…its a pretty small community compared to some areas. I do find it odd how many people I know of that dont come out to MY SHOW. A lot of these people are the same people who chide the area about having nothing good to do around here, or used to complain that “the good bands dont come here” for the first bunch of years Ive lived here. ALl I can say is what the hell more do you need? Small room, intimate show to say the least, more often than not on MY SHOW, free door and $3 Sam Addams beers. These are also the same people that often claim…the Sherman screws over bands. But then say “Im not paying to get $5, 8, 12 bucks to go in there”. Well, the door reflects on how much the bands might get paid, and the bar definitely helps me justify to the powers that be that MY SHOW is worth their while beyond the “feel Good helping the locals” thing, actually it helps keep the lights on. For me personally its certainly worth my money invested to bring such killer talent to the Burg and show them we are great hosts all around for small traveling bands. And I can’t stress enough, the theater some bash as a greedy exploitative monolith, lets me put on free shows to shoot, and lets people enjoy the experience for nothing but a smile, or sometimes the half the price some venues charge just to walk in the door(Beer incl).
I dont know, maybe this little essay will make some people think, what a dick. Maybe some will come out to MY SHOW next time around, which would be awesome. If there is one thing I want to people to think when they see my hat on a flier is, hey that guy always has great f*ckin bands on his show. Which is true, just check out the episodes here. Either way, one of the most important things I’ve learned over the last 6 episodes is, you have to do what you love. I love live bands, and I love sharing them with other like minded people. SO either way I love the sh*t out of what Im doing. Ive certainly wasted my money on much lesser things, and would be inclined to do so if not for MY SHOW Live I figure. So if you are on the fence about coming, try it next time. I promise you, I will bring you an incredible musical experience. One that you will feel a part of on a deep level, and possibly wind up in the episode in some manner, which is kinda neat too right?  And you will also be a part of something bigger for the musical community here. And thats just awesome! I hardly ever feel prouder than when a band member looks at me, shakes my hand and says, “I really had fun playing here tonight, thanks for having us”.  Except when I watch and listen to the episodes of MY SHOW Live of course…heh


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