Take The Red Pill Neo

I see more and more lamenting on the faithbook about their ongoing plan to further monetize their gazillion dollar entity and virtual crack site. The more I think about it A, I am not surprised. The greed of its founders seems to be only matched in zeal by the millions of us who cling to it, as a way to constantly feed the ravenously hungry egos of those who must have attention. However petty and superficial our insecurities and obsessions often tend to be. And B, the more indifferent I am becoming about it. I have grown quite weary of it to be honest.  Long ago I came to recognize my own passive aggressive pleas for attention, which in turn opened my eyes to just how much those around me were as well. And I started to feel very self conscious of it, and somewhat ashamed I’d say was my reaction. While so many others I saw reacted the opposite, and fed into their narcissistic and egotistical dark side. This is where I feel the crack analogy is fitting. Some of you people are pretty fucked up. Don’t get me wrong, I fully acknowledge my own bottomless pit of desire to be seen, heard, and glorified. In fact, I embrace it, you have to own it I figure. But I’ve tried to channel it to my endeavors that require a public audience by nature. MY SHOW, my band, my coffee, and the peripheral events that come with these territories. I feel somewhat successful at this, others may disagree I’m sure.

With all that in mind, and coming back to the opening statement, I am kinda relieved. Almost like awaiting release from incarceration, or any other type of emotional and mental imprisonment. I have maintained all along that it is still true, that direct contact with people makes for a much more lasting impression, than what the online McFacebook Matrix can offer at this point in its life span. Its almost like the proverbial scenario offered by Megadeth some years ago, “Einstein said, we’ll use rocks on the other side” I think we have devolved so far we have to start all over from the beginning. And learn how to honestly interact with each other again. Go back to how we did it all 25 or so years ago. Get out there, meet people, and use whatever devil tongued salesmanship you can craft. There is so much stuff online now, its near impossible to live in both worlds, virtual and terrestrial. There is no balance anymore.  You are either cut off at large fro the “mainstream” world, or you are lost in the matrix. But in the music world, me and my kind have always been in the underground, and quite content as a whole about it too. When the internet was still shiny and new to most of us in the late 90′s, we were struggling, but thriving at the same time. And Ive had this argument with a few in the industry, and they seem to stick to their business guns on the matter. You cant exist without major social media presence. Well, I am starting to disagree with that, because we did it before. And some things in life, the old way is still the best way. It has come full cycle and I am rather excited for me and my band. I want to get out and play, and meet people. Meet other cool bands to play with and share this wonderful gift we all have and enjoy. And if it means I wont move lots of “product”, or make a dent in the “market” so be it. But I can guarantee I will play lots of music to a varied audience, and meet lots of people. Share lots of stories, tap lots of glasses, and yes, shake hands and kiss babies so to speak. And that’s enough for me I guess… Everything else is gravy,  I am already a rich man in spirit. Everything else, you cant take it with you, and no one will care about your money when you are gone. But however many people you touch in some way, if you reach out and share some part of you that affects them, they will remember you. And that makes you immortal. And if you don’t believe me, put on Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix. Try to email him and get back to me.


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