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Take The Red Pill Neo

I see more and more lamenting on the faithbook about their ongoing plan to further monetize their gazillion dollar entity and virtual crack site. The more I think about it A, I am not surprised. The greed of its founders seems to be only matched in zeal by the millions of us who cling to […]

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Had quite a week, brought 4 great bands to town in the last week or so. Shot the latest and upcoming episode of MY SHOW Live last week with King Buffalo, really cool band from Rochester NY. Then had Lionize, Kingsnake, and Lorg in for a show the other night. And in related news, my […]

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My Job My Life My Music

Sometimes, like most of us will do, I just get caught up and lost in the endless day to day to day stuff . Its a lot like running downhill. Gravity carries you faster and faster, until you are going at such a speed, that any hesitation or pause will bring you head over knees. […]

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2014 Agenda

I can’t stop thinking big… I keep coming back to that line, from Rush’s song Caravan off Clockwork Angels. It rolls around in my head all the time lately. And with that of mind, I am pleased to say that 2014 is already gearing up to be a big year for me, MY SHOW Live, […]

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MY Christmas

In 3 minutes it will be Christmas 2013. I just finished watching the rough cut of the next episode of MY SHOW Live at The Living Room, featuring The Stargazer Lilies. Because that’s what everyone does on the biggest holiday of the year right? Obsess over something like a 2 second blank gap of video […]

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The Meaning Of Life

That is the question that seems to plague all mankind the world over. And so far the best anyone has ever put forth on the subject was conveyed by Monty Python with their movie bearing that title. But I think I finally figured it out just a few years ago with some sense of clarity. […]

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