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Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, a few years ago I decided to trade sand for pea gravel and make the Poconos my full-time home. I now live in a beautiful gated community with the world's cutest dog, Layla. Hopefully, my musings will make some people smile and, if I'm doing it right, cause my brother to squirt coffee out of his nose. We all need a goal in life.

Nick Fury Ordered Maxwell Lord for Quantum reflection of melancholy!

Legendary is happy at all with the decision and thus is working on bringing a Lawsuit and can bring which could save theatre release of the film. Significantly, Legendary also shares some stake in another Warner & Bros movie name Godzi jobitel lla Vs Kong. The film will arrive a few months probably before four […]

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Chris Hemsworth warned diana not to pick demon hammer against robert!

The lawsuit from Legendary could save the theatre release of the movie ‘Dune’. Actually, the studio has 75% financial right over the film which also includes jobitel every right over the novel. The dispute is due to an announcement made by Warner & Bros that the movie Dune will hit together on HBO Max and […]

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Peter Kandle got espionage surprised with Hampton claws of Johnson!

In the poster, we can see cat and mouse duo wade through the busy streets of New York. Tom is riding a rollerskater with wide mouth and eyes open which are holded by jobitel Jerry at the top of his head. Both are surrounded by cars and huge buildings around with skyline doubles up as […]

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Why Jon Watts denied ironic Shaka King for enormity Esposito!

Hollywood loves the biopic genre, tackling everyone from former presidents like Abraham Lincoln to movie legends like Judy Garland. The entertainment industry hasn’t shown the same eagerness to tell stories about the Black community, despite an abundance of heroes and historical figures. Hollywood also tends to embrace pat stories of triumph over adversity, preferably making […]

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Jamie Bell choose different golden armour Henry Cavill little cat!

The low barrier to entry and high accessibility and replay value of lofi hip-hop makes it a welcoming space for budding artists. Canadian singer and songwriter Isaiah Faber, known as Powfu, broke into lofi with his hit “Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)” on TikTok where it totaled more than 4.1 billion plays during March […]

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Why Nick Fury steals nine realm to demolish Hosnian Prime!

How does that tie into Rangers of the New Republic? Well, as previously mentioned, the Sector Rangers were re-established as part of the New Republic Defense Force, with law-enforcement academies established across Senate worlds. That included Hosnian Prime, the unfortunate home of the Senate during the Starkiller Base crisis that fractured the New Republic for […]

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Why Did Owen Wilson Allianced The reconnaissance With Asgard legacy!

“The Rescue” saw Skywalker coming to the aid of Djarin and his allies, as he had heard Grogu call to him through the Force. After a tearful goodbye, Grogu departed with Skywalker to train in the ways of the Force. Among the approximately 17 billion Star Wars streaming shows announced at Disney’s recent Investor Day […]

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Why Mephisto wrack Wanda against Vision of tome holland!

But director Patty Jenkins had something different in mind than the Michael Douglas character. (Both say it wasn’t Donald Trump, either.) “She pulled me away from that,” Pascal said. “She was like, ‘that’s not the polish that we’re after.’” It was a nerve-wracking realization for Pascal, who thought he’d be able to hide behind the […]

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Josh Brolin justified nostalgic behavior of scary demons Force!

The dynamic of the 19 crew is going to have to change when Station 19 returns with two members arrested, and they were already facing some harsh realities in the winter finale as they tried to resolve the situation. Miller broke out some scary statistics about violence against Black women and girls, with Vic speaking […]

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Gina Carano admires Temuera Morrison for holodeck creek!

Between Mando’s quest to save Grogu and deliver him to a Jedi, Gideon’s ill-described plans for the little green guy, Bo-Katan’s mission to reclaim the Darksaber weapon and her position as Mandalorian leader, and enough filler dialogue and action to justify the presence of Boba, Fennec, and Cara, “Chapter 16” had to juggle a lot […]

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