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It looks like we’re finally back up, but before I get too involved, here are some links to check out:

Let’s see if I can get trough this without saying “cast a spell.” Our friends over at Box Office Mojo say Enchanted cast a . . . er, wiped the floor with its competitors, taking in $50 million over the first weekend of release. That includes Wednesday and Thursday and clocks in as the second-biggest Thanksgiving opening, falling way short of Toy Story 2 ($80 million) in 1999. Even better news for the movie is that it doesn’t have a lick of competition this weekend. It’s just further proof that if you put Disney’s title on something, you’re a step ahead of the game. A surprising second was This Christmas, further proof in a long list of evidence that blacks are being ignored in Hollywood, and will show up for almost anything with truthful depiction of their lives.

After getting classically offed by John McClane last summer, it looks like Maggie Q has another action role lined up. And she won’t be dying for a while in this one, trust me.

It’s been about a month since Damages ended in one of the best finales of the year, and up until a few days ago, its future was unknown. No longer. FX has renewed the series not just for one year, but for two full-season orders. Glenn Close (Patty Hewes), Rose Byrne (Ellen) and Tate Donovan (Tom) all are signed up to come back for both seasons. No mention of whether Ted Danson (Frobisher) will be back after his character was shot and left for dead in the finale. It’s good news for those of us who still enjoy quality TV, and another win for FX, which has renewed every show it premiered in 2007 and had good runs with returning shows like Rescue Me, nip/tuck and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The unmitigated disaster that is Bionic Woman took a major hit when hottie Katee Sackhoff revealed she’s quitting the show, whether it comes back from the writer’s strike or not. The show itself is a joke, it literally put me to sleep twice. Michelle Ryan may have been the worst bit of casting of the year, and the writing is nothing near what it could be. It was  a horrible idea to reboot this show in the first place, and the result is a blah show that goes nowhere and prattles on like a 10th grade English teacher.

OK, four links without mentioning the writers strike is pretty good. But here’s’s tracker of how many original episodes there are left of your favorite show. The Office and Big Bang Theory are already out of new episodes, and it looks like next current shows on the list to run out of episodes will be CBS legal drama Shark and Heroes (both have only one original episode left after the Monday new ep of Heroes). Then Pushing Daisies (easily the best new show of the year), Desperate Housewives, Back to You, Bionic Woman (yippee!), Criminal Minds, Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy will run out of new stuff. Sad, sad, sad.

On the bright side, the sides are back at the negotiating table. In fact, there are some reports that a deal has been agreed upon, and could be announced this week. Fingers crossed.

No such hope for the Broadway stagehands though. Seems like this one could go on for a while. So if you were thinking of buying your mom show tickets for Christmas, you might want to go back and put some more thought into it.


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