Monthly Archives: September 2008

fall season watch list (tuesday)

Continuing on with “What You Should Be Watching This Fall TV Season” . . . TUESDAY 8 p.m. WATCHING LIVE: 90210 (for now) DVR-ING: Nothing WATCHING ONLINE: Nothing SKIPPING: NCIS, House, Opportunity Knocks, The Biggest Loser THE SKINNY: Just what we need — more reality. I’m begging you, people. Don’t freakin’ watch this Opportunity Knocks [...]

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tv schedule watch (MONDAY)

The itch is coming. Can you feel it? It’s the fall TV season. And after last year’s strike-scarred debacle, man, could we use some good TV. I’m foregoing my extended early reviews of the premieres of Prison Break (don’t ask) and 90210 (fingers still crossed) until next week. This week, I’ll break down every night [...]

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