boycott time warner

Happy New Year everyone! I’m taking New Year’s off, but I’ll be around Friday morning to find some news for you. Until, then here’s an extra long list of stuff today.

This just came to my attention Tuesday night while I was watching the Cartman-Wendy fight on a South Park rerun last night on my first night home alone with my daughter (my wife’s maternity just ended). I don’t know who’s in the wrong on this, but they should make it end. Now. While it’s not going to affect anyone around here because I don’t think Time Warner services any major piece of Pennsylvania anymore, there is no way in this day and age that TV watchers should have to go without MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. That’s Dark Ages stuff. I have battled my own cable company on different fronts and continue to do so, but I can’t remember being treated like this. If my cable company (Comcast) ever decided to just give the finger to someone like Viacom, I’d be on the phone with DirecTV in an hour.

Congrats to Doug Allen, who gets today’s “Whatever He’s Smokin’, Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!” Award. To think a SAG strike won’t shut down the industry seems pretty, umm, FREAKIN’ INSANE to me. Oh wait, actors will be allowed to give their voices to video games. That changes everything. My bad.

I absolutely KNEW this would be happening soon, that people in Hollywood would start coming forward and saying they were taken by that Madoff tool. On the bright side, I’ve been looking for an easier way to connect Fred Wilpon in the Kevin Bacon Game. It’s inevitable that a movie will be coming out about this, so please, please, please whoever is doing it, get Kevin Bacon to play himself!

Lots of trouble with the law these days. DMX gave up his court fight yesterday, then Matt Dillon got caught speeding in Vermont and Charles Barkley got hit with a possible DUI last night. I’ve always been a Barkley apologist, but the man is on a destructive path. The shocking part is this is the first time it’s happened.

Nothing but good news here, as far as I’m concerned. There’s just too many characters on Brothers and Sisters, and losing one isn’t going to make a bit of difference to the show. I’d prefer losing Kevin, who has become nothing more than a screaming, spoiled, selfish, domineering gay stereotype. Maybe Scotty could turn Tommy and they could be the gay couple, and Kevin can move to Alaska and never be heard from again.

I’m still somewhat hopeful for a Spider-Man musical. I think it can be fun and interesting and not completely sacrilegious. But if Jim Sturgess gets the part, then I’m officially off this project and will probably go to great lengths to sully any kind of credibility it may have. Spider-Man is an AMERICAN hero, and to have a British guy playing it just wouldn’t sit right with me. I liked Across the Universe a whole bunch more than I thought I would have. Mostly, that was because of Sturgess. But he just doesn’t belong on this. Where the heck is former Spider-Man voiceover master CD Barnes when you need him? Apparently everyone is looking for him.

What is with ABC? They don’t want to do their own dirty work? It’s letting its actors make series cancellation announcements? Bush. League. Network.

Wanna start a fight? Bring up Cinematical’s list of the year’s best movie casts. Then scream to the Hollywood heavens about how Doubt, Dark Knight and Milk somehow got left off.

I saw this Ben Lyons character for the first time on At the Movies this weekend, and I thought he was pretty douchey. But I wasn’t prepared to start Web sites against him. Apparently other people are.

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