mickey is sharing his house with spider-man

The best comic book characters live at Marvel. Sure, that excludes Superman and Batman, but pound for comic pound, Marvel kicks the tar out of DC.

After Monday, who knows. Maybe now there will be a Spider-Man series teaming with Buzz Lightyear. Or maybe the next picture of Silver Surfer you see will have Mickey Mouse is full space gear on the back of his board.

It’s scary to think what Disney can do now that it’s acquired Marvel for $4 billion. For the most part, you could always count on Marvel to stay true to its characters — they treated every one of them like children they didn’t want to lead down the wrong path. Yeah, there were missteps. But many of them were at the very least done with good intentions (the Daredevil movie, the crossovers of the 80s and 90s that diluted the titles), and many of them were out of the hands of the real Marvel bosses.

Now, they have no control. If Disney wants to use the Hulk in the Cars sequel in two years, that’s what’s going to happen. Stan Lee no longer has say over that. Right now, you’re laughing and thinking, “Ba ha, Disney would never do something like that.” But for the good-guy image Disney portrays, there is enough evidence around the world to prove it’s just as money-grubbing and soulless as any other movie studio in Hollywood. Disney can’t be trusted, but comic book nerds and action movie fans are being forced to trust them with the characters they’ve loved for years.

On the bright side, Disney can’t touch the movie versions of Spider-Man, the entire X-Men universe, Daredevil, Fantastic Four or Silver Surfer. Then again, maybe it’s a bad thing they can’t get to Fantastic Four and its upcoming reboot, or any future versions of Daredevil. Still, you have to at least be wary of what could happen to Iron Man’s future sequels or a third version of the Hulk.

Admittedly, it’s not fair to just trash the buy right off the bat without knowing at all what’s going to happen. But Disney’s track record of LCD-ing us to death is something that should worry every comic book fan.

It’s fun to listen to what people think might happen, though. This isn’t a move for the next 10 years — it’s a move for 20, 50, 100 years down the road. These are timeless characters that are going to stay popular for centuries, and now Disney owns them.

Normally, throwing caution and good taste to the wind and making fun of celebrities who go on TV and cry about how hard their lives are is one of my favorite things to do. But not in the case of Erin Andrews. You can’t help but feel sorry for her, doing absolutely nothing wrong, living a clean life, avoiding trouble and refusing numerous times to do Playboy on moral grounds, but then finding her nekked body plastered all over the Internet. That’ll teach her to privately stand nekked in front of a mirror in a hotel room and brush her hair. It’s these times we should be thankful we’re not celebrities, because I certainly wouldn’t want someone sticking a hidden camera in my hotel room to see what I was doing.

What still shocks me about the whole Miss California thing isn’t the fact that she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, the same stance the president of the country has. It’s that people give a flying fig about her one way or the other. She should win this lawsuit in a heartbeat though. No one wants to be judged at a job by their personal beliefs, whether we agree with them or not. Like Randy Marsh said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought this was America? I thought this was a free country?”

As long as we’re on not caring, Shania Twain apparently is orchestrating a comeback. It’s a weird comeback though, no one ever forced her out of the spotlight as she stopped making records for no conceivable reason. Whether she has any more crossover hits in her is a different issue.

A couple things that 100 percent NEED to be included in the Teen Wolf series, even though MTV is straight out saying it’s not going to be that much like the movie: Stiles and his T-shirts, Coach Finstock, the soundtrack and the Wolf Mobile. Some things that need to be improved: the main character’s basketball ability, a hotter girlfriend than the original Boof and a better understanding of whether Mick actually blew Scott’s mom’s head off. Has that ever been definitively answered? Or was he just using Scott as an example of all wolves stealing chickens from his coop? And what was Mick doing raising chickens anyway?

Sometimes real life is more interesting than what the movie would have been, and that’s certainly the case with Ben Stiller’s quest to get What Makes Sammy Run turned into a movie. I hope he was documenting all of this, because it could be the next great Hollywood lampoon story — which is what the novel was in the first place.

Weeds did last night (spoilers). Then Rescue Me’s season finale is tonight, and I’m a little worried about it being really predictable. For the last couple months, we knew Tommy’s drinking was going to get someone killed, and making it Elle as the one who gets it was a cop-out. I was thinking Damien or Lou, to really throw something into the next season. As it is, the show is sputtering into its finale tonight, and I hope that ends tonight.

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