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the year of the bullock

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now that all the food guilt is kicking in, leave me a treadmill open at the gym, please: At least one thing about New Moon stayed on target — its box office went down even more than expected in its second week. Whew! Otherwise, we’d have to start seriously [...]

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thanksgiving links

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! If you’ve forgotten to do so by now, figure out a driving situation for tonight that gets you home safe. It’s the biggest bar night of the year, and cops will be out EVERYWHERE. So make sure you’re not spending Thanksgiving Eve in the klink by getting a plan [...]

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disturbing movie facts of the decade

Straight links today to help get guide you to a hopefully long weekend: There are a few simple rules in life everyone should follow: 1. Never take seriously anything that happens at something as silly as the American Music Awards, which is the music world equivalent of winning a Dundee. 2. Never worry about anything a former [...]

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lessons learned from new moon’s opening weekend

Exactly what’s happened over the last year? In that 12-month span, the opening weekend grosses for the Twilight movies went from $69.6 million last November for the first of the series — the one that should, by all rights, have had a bigger opening and was so critically skewered it should have kept people away from the [...]

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oprah, twilight and jon and kate. double bolt the medicine cabinet, please

Got some local stuff to clean out of the inbox: Thought I’d post this picture and a mini-review from the Star Wars: In Concert event from one of the ticket winners we pulled on Monday. The review is from Priscilla McKinley, who was the guest of PopRox winner MaryJane Colon of Blakeslee: “Thank you for [...]

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you don’t need to read/watch twilight to know it’s stupid

I hate Twilight, even though I’ve never seen Twilight. I’ve never read the books. I am, after all, a man in his mid-30s. Reading one word of Twilight holds about the same appeal to me at this point repeating senior year calculus. I think I might have held one of the books once when my wife got [...]

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johnny depp is not sexy! worse yet, he’s not even a great actor

Slipped my mind yesterday to congratulate our two winners of the Star Wars: In Concert tickets: Mary Jane Colon of Blakeslee and John Armbruster of Snydersville! They went to the show last night, maybe they can write in and tell us how it was, I’m certainly curious. It should be noted that Colon’s winning contest [...]

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breaking down comcast-nbc for regular people

Remember yesterday when I said we can’t even begin to expect to know what’s going to happen with the Comcast-NBC deal? I lied. The only ones who know exactly what is going to happen is the people at Comcast. Anything anyone else says is just wild, random, rampant speculation. I think my ears are ringing! [...]

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last call for concert tickets

Hey, did you hear we’re running a contest? We are. And time is running out. If you haven’t signed up to enter our Star Wars: In Concert contest, all you have to do is send me an e-mail with your name, e-mail, where you live and the best number to reach you at during the [...]

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more contest pimpage

Another pimp of our latest contest — we’ve got two pair of Star Wars: In Concert tickets to give away. The concert is Tuesday at the Wachovia Arena, 7 :30 p.m. Remember, Wachovia Arena, where this is at, is in Wilkes-Barre. Wachovia Center is Philly. All you have to do is send me an e-mail with [...]

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